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District Nurses

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We all know my thoughts, two district nurses visited us on Tuesday about Mums incontinence pads.

She then told me the pads they were providing were better than the ones we were buying!! It took all my confidence to prove to a paid professional that she was WRONG! She then claimed the pads they were providing could hold 2.5 litres of urine (WRONG AGAIN).

She phoned later in the day to ask if I was willing to keep a weeks worth of Mums soiled pads, so they could weigh them. When I asked if she was joking and where am I to keep 28 soaking wet, soiled pads she didn't seem to care. She knew she was asking for the impossible and I'd back down.

She then continued to say the amazing pads they offered actually held 1 litre, not the 2.5 litres she had claimed. I agreed to accept the useless pads just placate her. She said the order would be rushed through.

Today I've phoned to see how the order is going through, it's going to take weeks as its been referred to a special nurse due to the nature of the order.

Today I've spend £35 out of my carers allowance to keep Mum in pads until the most useless service I have ever experienced gets there act together. I wouldn't trust a district nurse if both our lives depended on it..
Stephen- I'm so sorry to read about your experiences. I do hope you'll have enough money to live on. It really isn't right that its coming from your carers allowance - I'm sure it's not meant to pay for such things!

I've had very similar experiences with the District Nurses in the past month (not having encountered them before) - some have been very good but others have been awful.
My father has double in continence (chron's disease) and , as he was in hospital for six months, they took him off the service . Despite asking for a new referral over six weeks ago we are still waiting for pads- it's costing a fortune! I've tried to complain why they haven't turned up, administered wrong amounts of insulin and agressive/inappropriate behaviour but they have been very defensive /difficult in response. It does make me fear for the poor vulnerable people who don't have anyone to speak up for them. What happens to Them? Do they just not get medication? Do they just become ill? What happens? Very scary .
I am so sorry to hear that. it is so hard to challenge people. As a well brought up person you are taught to respect people in these positions, I know I was and it makes it hard to challenge them. But that sort of behaviour doesn't deserve respect. Could you write an old fashioned letter voicing your concerns about the pads? It might be easier to find your voice in a letter and you have written evidence. I would explain that you felt the nurse you saw wasn't receptive to your worries. It annoys me that you on the ground 24/7 is ignored. It isn't right for you to pay for these out of your own money. It is financially difficult enough as it is to "live" on carers allowance.
My caree was receiving district nurses, I think they are just swamped basically, in our area, they are there to keep people out of hospital. a fast discharge can be done and nursing services, looking after wounds etc done at home.
They are responsible for literally hundreds if not thousands of people spread over a wide area, the next call might be 15 miles away, outlying areas and little villages.
They have to look after the diabetics, daily insulin and blood tests for those not well enough or have no one else to help.

Incontinence, my caree was discharged with one pack of nappys, and that was it, there was no information on where to get more nappys, district nurses, the G.P. The hospital, no idea just had to go to nearby chemists and pay for them.

There really does seem to be a lack of information and support.
Its funny that they actually doubled up on me, I assume they thought I was going to be aggressive. Instead they caught me wearing my white eating shirt, which I wear for messy foods which are going to stain.

I was just about to get my dinner out of the oven, having already fed Mum her choice of dinner.. I changed shirts to find two strange Women in my living room.

I have to say I was taken aback, wearing a white shirt with multiple food stains hardly put me in good light,

Mum stroked one of the Nurses outfits and we got the usual "coo-ing" and "ahhh" they like to give without acknowledging Mum as a Human Being. When I joked about catching me at a bad time, my dinner being in the oven I didn't even get a smile.

Instead the Inhuman Nurse demanded to know why this had been dragged out for so long, until her flood of lies set in as in earlier posts..
Faye, I dread to think what happens to the elderly without any support...

Just keep fighting for your Dad and if you need help, gimme a shout.

I think it says it all about the District Nurse system, I called last Wednesday and was told I'd get a call back on Tuesday!!! I was like, why is it going to take six days for you to call me back!!!!