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Horrible Shock

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This morning when I got back from doing the horses, I found we'd had a break-in. Back door kicked in, I ran to mum-in-law's bedroom, fortunately she is OK, but all my jewellery collected over 40 years including my dead mum's engagement and eternity rings, my engagement and eternity rings, and 25th wedding anniversary ring and ear rings, and mum-in-law's engagement ring which was in my jewellery box. Also brand new LCD 42in TV bought just before Christmas with a 26in LCD taken with all the remotes and scart leads (so we can't even plug the old ones back in). My collection of Royal Crown Derby Paperweights collected over 20 years was also taken - they stripped a large cushion cover from the settee, left the cushion, and used the cover to cart everything out. Bedroom ransacked and all my underwear thrown around.
Mum thought she saw someone looking thru her window (we have a bungalow), but as she is virtually blind and can only make out shadows with one eye, she can't be sure. Thank God they didn't hurt her.
This was done in broad daylight during 2 hours that I was out. Police were excellent and arrived within 20 minutes, followed by Scene of Crime Officer who found footprints in some mud near the chicken runs. No fingerprints because they wore rubber gloves (the officer said there were prints of Marigold gloves)
Waiting for someone to come and make the back safe now
oh gem, what can i say. what an awful shock for you. you must feel quite violated and extremely angry.
as you say, thank goodness nobody was hurt, but nevertheless how awful.

i just had to reply and say i was thinking of you. please take care.

pam x
Gem, there are some lovely people around, aren't there? Image Image

The only good thing is that they didn't disturb your mum-in-law, but it must have been a shock for you both.

Take care. Oh, and yes - they are "B*****ds!!!**$$%%"
Oh Gem , I am so very sorry to hear this terrible news. I hope you have some support around you and are taking good care of yourself. The shock is so so horrid in these cases. Take care

Cant even begin to know what you are going through but just so glad you are all safe

x x x
What a terrible thing to happen.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Try and look after yourself today.
The evil s*ds Gem, thank god your MIL was OK.

Paula xx
Wouldnt want to wish them any harm but just hope the telly explodes when they plug it in!!!!

I know exactly how you're feeling its happened to me twice. Once when i was at work and once
when i was in bed. Its surprising the things that go and it could be months before you miss them.
They even took raffle money for an animal charity.

Take care of yourselves

Really sorry to read this .... I feel for you! I had my car broken into once and handbag & contents stolen but this is way worse and must be SO distressing. Hope you M-I-L is OK. now Gem.
Lots of sympathy - its a very nasty experience.
Happened to me eight years ago...broke in whilst we were all sound asleep, and he/she/it/they made off with the new car too. But keeping insurance up to date is a must, isn't it... The Post Office have a very good affordable policy.