Hi all,

Haven't had chance to post this before because I cant stop crying.My mum died in my arms on wednesday evening,I'm broken hearted.If that wasn't bad enough, when the paramedic (called by the hospice) came he wanted to resuscitate my mum but she already had been dead 3-4 mins.I told him to leave her alone as she died in my arms and there was no point.He said he didn't have a no resus order so he had to try,I then told him to f*** off and leave my mum alone.Because of this,and the fact that I had given mum 1 teaspoon of morphine (dosage on the bottle) but didn't have any witnesses to say it was only 1 teaspoonful he called the police.They came,some gung ho detective put 2+2 together and came up with 5. They asked me to go into the kitchen to give mum's details,and then when I wanted to go back and cuddle her until the undertakers came they stopped me because they said it was a possible crime scene!!! I told them the morphine bottle was on the side,and I had written down each time and dose on a piece of paper for every day,which when added to what was left in the bottle would make it full.I had already told the hospice I wasn't going to give mum it every day if she didn't need it.
It was a nightmare,I just wanted to get back to my mum,but I had to go and give a statement at the police station,and when they brought me back they had taken her away for a post mortem, so I never saw her again.Has anyone else been treated like this?
The coroners office rang next day and said after talking to our doctor they have changed their minds,and they were disgusted at how I had been treated.They told me it has been put down as a breakdown in comms between the paramedic and the police!! Doesn't help me does it,its too late now. I know I can see my mum in the chapel of rest but they never look the same,which is why I wanted to be with her before they took her away.They have robbed me of those final few moments with my dearest mum,and I will never forgive or forget what they did to me.