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Disenfranchised Carers

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Does anyone know how much other countries 'pay' their Carers?

I know there was a link on here about Southern Ireland, not sure where it is, and compared to us they are Millionaires!

Maybe if we have facts and figures it will give us some ammunition to use when we contact our MPs.

I'm sick to death of being told we are the 'unsung heroes' while they stab us in the back.

BTW I certainly think that the media are controlled to a large extent, and anything that is going to cause a REAL stir is 'blacked out' The programmes that they do show are so biased it's unbelievable to a real Carer. Unfortunately Jo Public believes them as this is all that is ever shown.
Image Quite right!
I used a universal currency converter to convert from euro to sterling. Source Ireland http://www.citizensinformation.ie/categ ... _allowance.

In Ireland the law ensures a minimum caregiver allowance of EUR 310 =270.130 GBP a week. Caregivers in heavy caring situations will receive a minimum of EUR 620= 540.259 GBP a month (taxable) and Time off for the carer: at least 3 days a week..
The payment is made up of a personal rate for yourself and extra amounts for your child dependants. Carer's Allowance rates from January 2009:
Carer Maximum weekly rate
Aged under 66, caring for 1 person €220.50 = 192.141 GBP
Aged under 66, caring for 2 or more €330.75 = 288.211 GBP
Aged 66+, caring for 1 person €239 = 208 .261
Aged 66+, caring for 2 person €358.50 =312.392 GBP
Increase for a Qualified Child €26 (full-rate) = 25.2702 GBP
€13 (half-rate)
In reply to Magz all ex-carers - become a member of your local government - influence things from the inside! I refer back to Achilles story- he dressed as women to avoid conscription. And in reference to “we should all get inside the NHS.â€Â
THEIR Christmas Bonus is an extra weeks money - not a measly £10.

They also get the household benefits package if in receipt of CA. This covers some costs towards elec or gas bills, telephone, and free tv licence.

Maybe we should all go and live in S. Ireland?

Can anyone tell me how many years the 'bonus' has been £10 = I don't think it has ever been increased since it was brought in, and I know it's been a long time, just can't remember how long!
Quote: MP’s get £65,000 year basic salary; have second-home allowance and many earn more than 50 times as much per hour than their hard-pressed voters. I also noted that Tony Blair’s children have been given Irish passports?
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... l?ITO=1490
United we stand divided we fall. Start letter writing, campaigning or withholding (not an option).
Do the disabled people themselves get better rates of DLA?
My MIL is Irish and went back to live there 10 years ago, she doesn't qualify for Irish pension or any of their perks, all has to come from the UK as that is where she lived and paid her taxes most of her life, so no point us moving there Image