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Disenfranchised Carers

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we could become part of a charity and raise money and make the union free to members. fund raising would pay for admin etc...
the term 'informal carer' is attached to those who care on a voluntary basis, and with little or no financial reward. informal carers are not employed by anybody but are tied by emotional expectation and loyalty. informal carers work within the domestic sphere, ie their own homes or the home of a relative or friend. informal caring became the norm with the 'carers act' where care would be provided in the community and by the community.
The Carers Act had little to do with this, Rayray7 (incidentally, welcome to the forum Image ). "Informal" carers have always done this. If anything in the law made this the norm it was the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, which raised the expectation in law - but carers have always carried the majority of care in the community. Estimates vary between 60% and 95%. I remember seeing a paper a while ago that claimed only 4% of people use social care services. Even fewer get Contuinuing Health Care funding - so I tend towards the 95%.
To all ex-carers - become a member of your local governmnet - influence things from the inside!
A good start would be to become a member of your local NHS PCT. There is that £160million that the Government has given to the PCT's to fund Respite Care, so it needs people in there to ensure that Carers Rights are on the Agenda each time. This is just a start. Social Services will become merely the body that does the Assessments and allocates the budgets - with the PCT being the provider of services in the future.
This is an opportunity for Carers to be more active and involved in the policy making decisions.
So is an ex- carer then-- we can push them to join up? Image

and plug them with lots of things to argue for

the problem is , the speaker and every one else might not get a word in edge ways as there are so many areas that need improving
I see that in Australia they are starting a political party called "Carers Alliance". It appears they (carers) get a rought time of it down there too.

I see that in Australia they are starting a political party called "Carers Alliance". It appears they (carers) get a rought time of it down there too.
Australia click for more

We now want to register a political party in each of the state and territories and we hope you can help us do this. Only by political pressure will anything change for carer-families and people with disability.

The Carers Alliance is a party formed by carers to seek political recognition of our very personal struggles. The party was formed because for years carers and their families have relied on mainstream political parties to look to their interests and have been bitterly disappointed. The Carers Alliance was registered as a Federal party on 8th of September to contest the 2007 Federal election


In March, 2008 the carers “bonusâ€Â
during my years as a carer, i felt vulnerable, and isolated!! i was powerless and had decisions made for me. i was critisised and judged, and even blamed when things went wrong!! i was depressed and lonley. nobody listened or cared!! i was the victim. i was disabled by association!! and i was poor!! i am still poor!! even though i went to university i had my career taken away from me though a total lack of support!! but you know what - my time was short!! it was not life long!! like my son!! who will always be disabled!! who, if i allow it, could continue to feel as i did!!! wether still full time carers or not, we need to form an alliance with those we care for, as one huge army!! fighting along side eachother!! for eachother and ourselves!! what we endure - they endure!!! those with disabilities and us combined would make a bast political body - if there are 6 million carers then there are double those with disabilities. that is a huge number!!! and a big political force not to be ignored!!!
Knowledge is Power, Thank god for technology!
Everyone should have a computer and internet connection; there are so many carers out there who don’t realize they are carers and are so disenfranchised in more ways than one (vote taken away from them).
The media doesn’t do enough to inform the general public about what it is like to be a carer and if it wasn’t for people like the carers who joined together and set up the Carers Poverty Protest they would still be disenfranchised moreover, the media coverage on the day covered National Asparagus Day!!! Question is was this a media blackout?
So it just goes to show you the power of people when they get together and thanks to the Carers Poverty Protest and the online petition our voices would still not be heard www.carerspovertyalliance.com Here’s further evidence for you all, you draw the conclusion.
Eurocarers http://ehope.nu
I have also just stumbled on this publication The history of the carer’s movement (UK7503) £10.00 available from http://www.carersuk.org/Professionals/O ... books#7503
I like the idea of Australia's Carers Alliance. Sounds a good idea.