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Disenfranchised Carers - Carers UK Forum

Disenfranchised Carers

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I have thought up this title as a official umbrella label, which I think might be a good one to put down on those forms where we state what we do (employed, retired etc).
We can't call ourselves professional because we dont have the advantage of a union or training or even PAY for our work. So, NOT just a carer but a disinfranchised carer which means without any rights. Image
magz many of us dont even seem to have human rights lol
magz many of us dont even seem to have human rights lol
Many of us don't feel human most days either! Image Image
i know just how u feel. i beleive that carers should be included in any equal opportunities legislation and should also have equal pay. i also beleive that in not receiving equal rights as you say is in breach of the human rights act and therefore campaignable. carers are saving the government millions of pounds by providing care at low cost or free and this is just not right. the cost to the carer is emmence. and unquantifiable. we loose social contact, a career, and financial independence. not to mention the detrimental affects on our physical and mental well being.
Carer's cannot even get credit HP etc

why, on the forms in shops, we UNEMPLOYED !!
I won't let anyone categorise me as 'unemployed'on forms etc. They always want to put me in that category because no one has given us a separate category yet on forms etc. If there is no other option, I give my last job 'educational' rather than be put in what is clearly the wrong category. Surely with us being included in the Equalities Bill, we should start to see a category for carers on forms etc.

Also when we apply for jobs and there is the equal ops questionnaire, when will the question 'are you a carer?' be included? I was tempted, when asked on the application form 'are you disabled?' to answer 'yes, disabled by association' (ref. Sharon Coleman case outcome). I think I will do so next time I do a job application. Do other carers think we should put this?

I just applied to my volunteer bureau for voluntary work and on the form there was no category for carers. The only improvement was that they had a 'non-employed' category as well as 'unemployed' so I reluctantly put 'non-employed' and in the further info section wrote that I'm a full-time carer.

Could CUK campaign for a category for carers so we don't get put under 'unemployed' or will this happen naturally over time as equalities bill comes into force and people finally take notice?
i tick employed-- the other and write carer!

but i managed to bodge my credit rating up ona spending spree ona few catalouges! so no more for me
MY advice carers we don't have any rights as "unpaid carers" according to the http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/legi ... inquiries/

What if we became self employed paid carers? Would the law protect us then?

entity Image :
forgot to mention
understanding your work status
So, we are agreed that we have minimal rights/recognition and that we WANT more - the right label would be a start.

Anybody think that the above title is workable - if not can another be suggested please.
I feel it is very important to have a good label - "carer" is a bit wishy washy. Disenfranchised is cumbersome.
Employed as carer as opposed to unemployed carer (unemployed is negative).
Self-employed carer suggests private means (not usually the case)!

Carers UK should perhaps be working towards becoming a Trade Union - we could threaten strikes and see just how much of a panic might ensue? Magz

i'm so sorry to be a pain in the backside of the anatomy

but i'm just not totally convinced by the word " disenfranchised" is it ? i have read about the word and really just baffled by all explanations of the word

I for all these years have proudly told anyone with my head held high that i am a " CARER "

it's like my GP said once, for anyone in society who does'nt know what it means, simply just isn't worth even trying to explain to them anyway

sorry, but surely you'd rather i be honest would'nt you !!