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Moving On

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Morning all.

Well, caree leaves tomorrow to move to her residential placement, her new home. I never thought that this would be the path she would choose but it is what she wants and what we want for her too as it gives her the best chance to move forward and become a young woman instead of our girl!

The odd thing is, although I have been prepared for this for a long while now, I thought that there would be tears on my part when the time came but it hasn't happened. The road that has brought us here has been a hell of a long and difficult one as I'm sure you all know, I think that the whole range of emotions from anger to frustration to despair have been visited and worked through.
Guess this is why the sadness isn't there..it had it's time and it's place and that was in the past, it's the time for hope and happiness now. Image

I do have a feeling of being "lost" however..after all the years of caring I guess it's no surprise! I'm not sure what I am going to do next, to be able to work again would be wonderful but I do hope I don't get pulled into the jobcentre to be interviewed by some little oink Image Image

The world is my oyster (I think), just need to give myself time to adjust. I am still going to be a part of this board..if you'll still have me! Image
Hi Ladybird

What a well writtent post! I think you summed up your feelings perfectly. Hope all goes well with the move and of course you will always be welcome here Image
I wish her all the best, and the feeling you are discribing is called the 'empty nest syndrome'. the tears will come so don't be fooled. But you know when they do, we're here for you (((hugs)))
OOh Ladybird, you have worked so hard to get to this point. What is lovely is that this is something your daughter and you both want; she is going to get the chance to be more independent (and you have found her place that has the right background and skills to enable this to happen.) And you will have some, "Me time."

When people retire from their professions they often attend courses on how to cope with your retirement etc; I don't know if there is such a thing for carers?

What did you do before you became a mum and a carer?

Be prepared for those mixed emotions to kick back in again, be kind to yourself and start making plans.

Very glad you are still going to be posting on the forum.

Ladybird, don't you dare stop posting Image Image

Don't be suprised if the tears kick in later, it's a huge adjustment for you, but well done all of you for getting there Image Image
LB, I think the tears will kick in at some point, it's a huge leap and you are bound to feel a void, well done to you all. Don't stop posting.

K. x x
Ladybird, well done! It's tough to let go and the tears will come. They did for us.

Your routines were set around your caree, so you're going to have to find someone else to set your routines around. How about you? Image

And definitely keep on posting!

Facing a similar situation myself with my caree in September.

She'll be spending two nights a week boarding at her new school, with the possibility of extension to full weekday residential after half-term (think that option is available only if she starts refusing school again on a regular basis).

It's going to be strange. Very strange. For both of us.

What is happening though is the best for our Girls though LB.

One day at a time, one day at a time..

Sezzie x x x
A whole new life for you both Ladybird!

I reckon the tears will come at some point but how exciting for your daughter to be independant Image
Thinking of you today, Ladybird. Hope everything goes well for your daughter during her move.