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'We have to ensure that care and support is built around the person - what they need, how they can best be cared for, what they want,' says Norman Lamb

We currently have a system that at its worst can reward and promote poor care, encourage low wages and allow neglect to flourish. While we know that homecare, for the most part, is carried out to a good standard – it still leaves far too many cases of poor and unacceptable levels of care in the home.

One of the most common complaints I come across is where care is carried out by the clock. Carers will come to the house and have a time slot of around 15 minutes to get everything done and be off to the next appointment. But 15 minutes may not be enough to do what is needed. So appointments are rushed through – trying to get everything done - in or out of bed; getting washed; trying to bolt down food or take medication. It is no wonder that these visits can be stressful and unpleasant.
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Share your ideas for solving the problems of poor homecare

The Social Care Network is teaming up with the Department of Health to launch a project to find ways to improve the system – and we want to hear from managers, commissioners, frontline staff, service users and carers
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