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when do your carers come?

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Mum has four care visits a day, supposedly from about 8 am to 7-8+ pm. Especially Since my raising a safeguarding alarm for fraudulent billing and false documentation, these 'carers' frequently aren't showing up till gone 10 am (this morning was 10:40) and come as early as 5:45pm for the evening visit.

When we discussed timing with the LA back in August, the time between visits was to be about 4 hours but nowadays it can be two or 1.5 hours.

Of course they know I live with mum and use this to their advantage. Often I'm the one who needs put mum on the commode and there's not that much to be done when the carers do come.

Before Christmas they missed the teatime and evening visit. When I complained the next day, the manager complained that I should have told her they hadn't been. It took her a day and a half to find out that the carer had supposedly lost her bag w mobile phone and bus pass and hadn't told the agency she'd missed both visits! (Believe that if you may!). We're back n Greater London so not a remote location.

So, when did your carers come mornings and evenings and just how regular is that time? I know mum is not their only client but I would have expected more consistency, and that's what we got got the first couple of months but it's gone downhill really fast.

Also, does the office provide the carers route or do the carers decide the route they take? I would have thought the office would determine who got visited and when.

Thanks in advance for any input.
Hi Rosemary, my mum lives with me and my husband who has MS it's very difficult to get carers generally, my mum has a Carer in the morning for one hour and they are never late and she has a visit at lunchtime for toileting which only just started before Christmas, my husband has a morning Carer only twice per week because the agency cannot at the moment supply another Carer for the rest of the week, he also shares the lunchtime Carer with mum also for toileting, I have tried many other agencies, and as you say they come when they feel like it, trouble is you don't know what they are like until you try them, one even had a stopwatch and boasted how little time she could shower my husband in, needless to say she didn't last long.
I hope you sort out your carers I know it won't be easy
Lacey may
S has a care visit 4 days a week to support him between me leaving for work and his transport arriving. I have to chase up for a copy of the rota more weeks than I don't and often have to ring to get the timings changed. When S had a less popular worker, he was always on time ( often a bit early,) when he is down for a more popular worker, she can be late ( which affects me for work,) as they come from other visits. The care workers are given a list of visits which stipulates the timings and the order but the travel times don't take account of rush hour/ road works etc

Following an op I had rehab care workers visiting daily to change my surgical stockings, wash my lower legs and feet ( I wasn't allowed to make certain movements for 6 weeks.) The timings were all over the place, usually late morning during the week and early morning at weekends :shock: :roll: The care workers had more calls to cram in during the week, getting people up, help with personal care and breakfast etc They had less calls lunchtime and early afternoon.

I would suggest it's more of a management issue than a care worker issue. Are there other agencies you could try?

My father's come roughly at 10, 1.30pm, 4.30pm and early evening. As I don't live with him, and he has little idea of time, it's not possible for me to check the variations from that timetable. However, it may all need to be revised, anyway, if the hospital sends him home immobile.

The carers for our agency have to ring the agency from the home phone of the person they're caring for, every visit. This enables the agency to check they are where they're supposed to be and when. It sounds as though the agency caring for your mum hasn't put anything in place to carry out the same checks on its staff. That means they're effectively leaving it to their clients to tell them if something's wrong. Given the state of many clients and the pressure that's already put on carers, I'd say that's bad performance. It is certainly worth thinking about using a different care agency, if that's possible.
Hi Rosemary.

My husband has two carers twice a day. The morning ones can be anywhere between 10 and 11 am and the evening ones are between 7 and 8 pm. In between we have two nurses coming in each morning since July to pack and clean his abscess. They can arrive anywhere between 10 and 1 pm. Weekends are the worst regarding the nurses who have to cover several areas when their colleagues are off. I had to phone NHS 24 one Sunday when the nurses still hadn't turned up by 4 o'clock in the afternoon - Bian's visit hadn't been put in the book. Several times I have had to phone Homecare to ask where his carers were. Some times it is 11.30 in the morning when they turn up. I don't know of private agencies are any better. It's the council run ones that we get.
Thank you all for sharing. I suppose these carers are not any worse than yours! We will be changing companies due to fraudulent billing and documentation practices I raised in a safeguarding case. We'll have to see how we fare with whomever we get next!