Agencies should be made to tender for contracts at the DP rates or DP rates should match the agency rates.
I agree with you there Ken.The system in place now is going to be open more and more to abuse by those supplying a service.Many like yourself will be forced to have less hours service to pay the extortionate prices per hour.
The Care Industry is soon going to be able to print its own money.Its already started.
As more and more access services ( if they meet criteria ),how long before agencies put up prices and LA's run out of money.As much as home services work for some people we need look at the wider picture long term.
As LA and government pass more control to families,in future they will have less to be accountable for,government that is.
We have GP's who either own outright or have a stake in homes for the elderly.I would be very curious to know how many from the government in time obtain a stake in care agencies.

The primary function of any government is to protect it's citizens and for me just now its failing.