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A Carer is.............................. - Carers UK Forum

A Carer is..............................

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
A Carer is.......................

not paid
not chosen
not elected
not useless
not amateur
not ignorant
not incapable
not appointed
not uneducated
not unprofessional
not unable to think
not unable to speak
not lacking in skills
not in need of charity
not in need of a hair-do
not there to be patronised
not able to live a ‘normal life’
not always recognised by themselves
not free to do what they want when they want
not always treated well by statutory organisations
not always consulted by statutory and voluntary organisations
not always appreciated by the person they care for or by others
not always recognised by social, healthcare or voluntary workers
not accepted as capable by some social, health or voluntary workers
not respected / considered by some social, health and voluntary workers

Just because carers find themselves in a caring role, it does not mean they have lost their intelligence or become incapable of thinking, feeling or speaking for themselves. Carers retain their qualifications and their experience and so do not suddenly become unprofessional because they are carers. Carers come from every walk of life and bring with them wide ranges of skills and experience.
Well said Rosemary Image

Paula xx
That goes double for me Rosemary.

Take care
Excellent Rosemary.
Did you make it?
So true.
Howay Wendy,

No way could I create anything like that Image ,although I wish I could.
It was taken from a carers site in Hampshire....found it on one of my prowls round the net... Image Image


The link will show you it in full.

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that is brilliant.
A lot of thought gone into it.
Thank you
i've printed it out and its now on my fridge door, for everybody to see!!
I remember reading this before somewhere, maybe it was posted on the old forum. I agree very well thought out!