Contacting local press re: carers badly treated by LA

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Hi there. Has anyone contacted their local press about how their LA have treated them? I've been seriously thinking about it for some time now. I'm sick + tired of how for one reason or another both my Mother and I have been constantly discriminated, over-ruled, dictated to, disrespected etc etc. Any tips? I do aim to make notes - needing to keep things as brief as possible.
Have you contacted your LA councillor? I'd probably speak to them first. I'd want to analyze what the core issues are, with some key examples and what you would propose happen to help you and your mother. Am I right in thinking that the employed staff in social services take direction from the elected council members?

I'd try to get my ducks in a row before causing a big scene.
I've put in complaints for some time now. I even contacted at least 5 different local councillors.

There were those that weren't interested, 1 sided with officials in meetings,1 was busy texting in a serious meeting.

I initially emailed the local mayor, who initially agreed with me, then it went round in circles and basically they claimed I had a 'disagreement' with the social worker then 'retracted' the complaint.

I emailed the local councillor for 'Health/Welfare' for assistance (especially when my Mother was prevented from day centre) - who passed the email on to the relevant dept, who ignored it.

I have contacted the LGO who states they can only investigate the last year.

I have been constantly disrespected, over-ruled, dictated to, disapproved, talked down, to belittled threatened. Reported to the OPG. Basically vilified,treated like a 2nd class citizen and criminal.

Last week the social worker insisted my Mother wants to go to day centre, and respite. When he was over with her advocate, as there was a 'dead-line'. The 'meeting' got rearranged for today, where this social worker now claims my Mother wants to go to a care home she doesn't know anything about, or that she went to visit with a 'friend'. My Mother was ill in bed, the social worker demanded I let him and the advocate in to 'make sure she was ok'. And actually expected the meeting to still go ahead. I've encountered heartlessness, callousness, unethic behaviour/attitudes from social workers since 2012 when my Mother suffered Strokes.

I think the above qualifies abuse of power.
Hi Butterfly,
I would save it all up until you no longer need their support, no point in being enemy number one when you want them to help you. Just record things that you might wish to quote at a later date. You will get the satisfaction of writing it down anyway :)
No harm in letting them know that you keep a diary ;)
Saving it all up for when I no longer need their support - that's the trouble they ain't supporting us. They're taking advantage of me trying to look after my Mother. And my Mother herself, when the LA have a 'duty of care' towards her.
hi butterfly im going through the same thing now, i was my mums deputy of her finances its now been taken off me and given to solicitors, the opg accused me of trying to use my mums money , the care home said i have mental health issues in order for the opg to have a reason to take deputyship off me and solicitors bullying me because they basically want to steal my mums property and i live in it as ive cared for both parents for years ,dad died mum altzheimers, ive read of the opg stealing peoples money and property but how can i fight this, doesnt seem to be any help. has your situation improved, nicky