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Daughter needs surgery

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My daughter went to see the on call doctor for her area last Saturday and ended up in hospital for a few days. She has been diagnosed with gallstones and an inflamed gallbladder and will have to have the latter removed. She must first lose some weight. She is very anxious about the operation and feels bad that she has got herself into this state, although she puts a lot of the blame for her weight gain on being put on risperdal several years ago. She has come off that now.

Unfortunately, the review which was arranged for Friday past has had to be postponed until 15th November - hopefully that will not have to be postponed!

Not many of us eat a perfect diet, limit alcohol, non smokers, exercise sufficiently etc etc. In fact i dont know Anyone that good. OK? x
I know someone that good- my goody two shoes sister in law does all those things but funnily enough she is always stressed out and is never away from the doctors Image Hope all goes well for your daughter Gilli. Incidentally I know quite a few slim people with gall bladder probs - "fertile, fat and forty" as some doctors like to quote is a bit misleading.
It can be dangerous to perform surgery on someone who is overweight, so it is wise of the medics to advise the person concerned to lose weight first.
One of my granddaughters had exactly the same thing - she had to lose weight before the operation as well. But the operation was very speedy (keyhole surgery) and she was out of hospital the same day and feels so much better for having had it. Very best of luck with the dieting bit, which is the hardest part of it.
It took an age for me to get an op date then it was cancelled twice, by that time I was eating virtually nothing because of the pain, I'm fortunate that someone came up with the money for me to have the keyhole surgery privately. Because I couldn't eat fat I had to go on a high sugar diet which was horrible.
Gilli - it IS much better for the surgeon and for your daughter if she loses some weight before her op. She will feel so much better when she's had her op that she should see this as a fresh start.

I don't know what your daughter's circumstances are but she could try a local slimming group where she will get loads of support and advice on healthy eating. There are plenty out there but Slimming World is particularly good because you don't have to buy "diet" foods, count calories etc. It is all healthy everyday food and they have 40 years experience. Their recipes are excellent, quick to make and very nutritious.

It would help your daughter after her op too. Hope all goes well. Image
my father in law had his gall bladder out earlier this year, a little too many cakes and cheese he says.
I'd reassure her - it is such a speedy op, like 20 minutes, through keyhole, so no scar and no complications. he's been right as rain ever since.
i'm sure it wil be fine, perhaps this is even a great opportunity for her to loose a little weight with some help behind her. good luck
Tell your daughter to shove her guilt away "where the sun don't shine." Look at this positively as it may turn out to be just the motivation she needed to shed some unwanted kilos.
Thank you all for your encouraging replies. I have been amazed at the number of people who have written that they or someone they know have come through this same operation.

The surgeon told my daughter that if there is a blockage they will have to do open surgery, but I imagine the chances of that are low and she is quite happy to lose weight before having the operation - if only to make it easier to have a drip put in. Her experience of that when she was in was traumatic to say the least. An anaesthetist had to be brought in to do the job.

Will keep you informed.

In this day and age it's pretty rare for the surgeon to have to perform open surgery.
I had my op 7 days before Christmas and was rcovered enough to cook festive dinner, I took lower dose cocodamol for pain relief, not the many different drugs on offer, was given some sachets to mix with water to loosen the bowels for the first few days post op. Ask away if you have any other questions and I can answer them based on my own experience.