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Direct Payments and Respite Fees

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Hi folks,

My mother is on Direct Payments and I'm intending on putting her in respite care for 1 week as a trial to see how she settles. I'm confused over the fees though. A few weeks ago my SW said she would have to pay half of the care fees and social services would pay the rest, then just the other day he said it would come out of DP. Now I don't know what to think?? Image

Has anyone been in the same situation as me? I've been told Mum is not entitled to respite vouchers as she's on DP!

hi there, we are in as similar situation. When we asked for respite a calculation was made and the extra money required for respite was put into our DP account.
They had to do yet another assessment though! Image
marie x
I stumbled across this on my local carer's association website and thought it might be able to help you in some way http://www.carefeesadvice.com/index.html
Hi guys,

Thanks very much for the advice I will look into a bit further. Might have to ring my SW just to clarify things again. Thanks for the link Summer Hope, I will take a look at it and perhaps contact them.

Can't stop on as the dogs are at the vets this morning.

Thanks again,
Having been told I don't qualify for carer's allowance, but may be able to get DP - how do I apply for this & what can it be used for?

Hi Carol,

I've just seen your message but only just got in from the hospital as my mother has been admitted. It's gone 11pm so will keep this short.

Get in touch with your social worker they should set the ball rolling about applying for DP, it can be used for employing care agencies/carers to care for your relative, or if you are the main carer you can be paid via direct payments for caring for your relative.

Sorry brain dead at moment as really tired, can message you again at later date. Ring your SW though.

Yw, hunni. I'm sorry to hear that your mum has been readmitted Image Hope she's back at home in no time