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Direct Payments and carer pay

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It is a bizarre and unfair system.
We were so stressed last year we almost placed our son into residential care. The cost each week was £3500 to £4500. We were offered direct payments of £430 a week.
Hi , what i dont understand is, if anyone who recieves direct payment why we all dont get the same amount, due to it all coming from goverment, i have bean told we will get £415.00 per week and then tax and ni have to come out, also then the cost for the rowin org who looks after the acountancy part of it together with my holiday pay has to come out of it , i am still waiting for my 1st payment and i estimate that to be £270.00 pw and that is to look after my mum for day and night time, they only say its for 39.5 hours in the contract though, i asume thats only for health and safety,

it would be very intresting to no who gets , what and why different people get different amounts .

that is only to no why we all get different, not to nose into peoples affairs . please lets try and find out by posting on this who gets what, then we can help each other

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It all depends on your local authority's RAS (resource allocation system).
Individuals are assessed as to what help they need and awarded points which give an indicative budget to buy the care. It should all be clear and transparent but I think some (sadly) LAs are using Individual Budgets as a cost cutting exercise.
Ask for a written statement of how they arrived at the sum offered.
If you google "in control" they have a very interesting website with lots of useful information.
First of all i dont know if Im in the right place so apologies!

I have been having trouble to find the PA for a long time. Much of the search for a PA has been advertised on local Disability alliance charity website. The coordinator of my local community centre has also been helping me in search of the PA. As I live in a small village, I have not much luck to yet a decent person. There are some issues relating to my own health too. My daughter has to be at home in case, I need to go to loo (I often have Ulcerate Colitis related symptoms and run to the toilets or a diabetes related symptoms e.g. passing water very often) in the middle of a night. Forgot to mention I have arthritis in my multiple joints including spinal

In April, I found a cleaner's advert in my local village and asked her to be my care (the disability alliance charity knew about it).

The new girl was happy to do the job straight away after me interviewing her. Although, I discussed my needs and requirements to her during the interview and she said yes to all. When it came to do it practically, I noticed she seems to be in a rush to do the jobs and would overlook my needs. From sandwiches making to the medications, she never stayed on or even care to do them!! My daughter would them before she would go to the uni in the morning. My carer cleaning performance was so poor that my daughter used to clean the bath tub and dusting the house each time after my PA has been. My daughter does general tidying up every day so that, it does not get piled up for my carer.I had a several conversations with my PA about it but never got a satisfactory answer from her. In fact, she had many cleaning jobs privately and was making more money than she would with me.
Recently, I have given her a week notice cos I am so fed up and she will be leaving on Monday 5/7/10.
I have had update my care manager at local Social Team about this matter on a number of occasions. My eldest daughter visited me this week after her uni exams and I discussed all with her. She then wrote a letter and sent it to to my care manger on by recorded delivery. In that letter she explained the situation and asked her if she can be my PA until we find somebody. My care manager rang my daughter on 29/06 literally before she was leaving the office for two weeks break and told her that it would be very unlikely for relative to be employed. However, I remember, my care manager said to me some times ago that a relative can be employed if they live at a different address and now she is contradicting herself!

I am just wondering if you anyone has come across where disabled users have used Direct Payments to employ their relative who are not at the same address and how their social services behaved to that! Image
Hi Caddy,

There are members on this forum who employ family members. Like you said they dont live in the same household. I am sure others will be along to give their story. Even if your social worker is on holiday, they work (at least should ) as a team so someone else in the dept can assist you too.
Hi rosemary, that was a quick reply and am thanking you for this. I will definitely get my daughter to call the Social Work on Monday because I have no carer after Monday.
Whilst I waited for a reply after posting my message on the board aerlier on,I come accross this web site called "DisabilityAlliance.org". I think, I found the answer on their factsheet and am posting the link for the other members to see it


It did state that any relative can look after if they are at not the same address.
Hope you get sorted Caddy, come back and let us know.