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Direct Payments...

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hi I thought I'd updat on what's happening with this, if the archive ever comes online, it will add the loads of posts while we've been trying to get help, it's been a bit of a saga. Image


We've been trying to sort out DP for care, to get a PA in a few nights a week and to cover 2 x 3 hour work sessions a week.

I desperately need sleep, (not had an uninterupted night since 1993).
Things have been chronic for a long time but hit a melt down in December.
OH has been having around 30 seizures daily since end November.
GP referred him to Neurologist but that's a different story entirely. Image


initial assessments done in Dec.
Assessments by Social Worker end Jan & Feb.
Social worker very nice, says report very complex will be completed in 4 weeks.

March: Social Worker has phoned all reports completed she is bringing it on Thursday for us to read and sign.
She's also bringing a worker from AiLN - the agency who help with payroll etc. next Thursday to talk us through the paperwork and has told them DP is URGENT!

I hope this doesn't take much longer, anybody been at this stage and know how long it takes to complete.
Hi Marie,

Can you possibly ring SW on Monday and find out what sort of bank account you need and get that set up by Thursday.That means you would be able to give her the account number etc to take away with her.Will speed up the payments hopefully.
Otherwise, if you dont have the account details this week,you will need have her back yet again to pass the information on.
Its not much but may speed things up a week or two.
Glad you are getting it sorted.
Keep us posted.
Rosemary they didn't turn up. Image
They were supposed to come at 10:30 to go over DP paperwork and to let us sign careplan.
I got a phone call at 11:00 to say the SWorker was running late but would be there as soon as she could.
Neither Agency worker turned up at all, OH was even more upset and all for nothing.
Is this kind of treatment usual? I'm not impressed Image
Marie, that is disgusting.

This has been going on for months. I can't help but wonder why.

Of course the new financial year is coming up soon...
Charles said
Marie, that is disgusting.

I totally agree with Charles Marie.It would have been bad enough had they rang to cancel but to keep you and your hubby waiting all day like that is an absolute disgrace.

You dont need all this added stress Marie and like Charles said its been going on months.....way way too long.

Each person reacts different but if was me I would be contacting the Head of Social Services dept or as I did in one instance, I contacted our Council Leaders office,.After all, he is the head of our borough.I dont know how it works in Scotland though.It worked in our favour Marie.

I would love to say that this sort of thing does not happen very often Marie but I would be telling a lie.I have a meeting at 1pm today about my brother,all sorts of professional people will be there including consultants from hospitals etc.The only person who has not confirmed if they will be there...wait for it.......is Social Worker.She is new to his case and attempts made by secretary each day to get in touch with her.She has not returned any of the calls either.

Keep us posted what happens next Marie and as hard as it is for you both, try be positive.You will get there.

x x x x
Well, I took the advice and phoned social services care tream leader this morning.
She told me that SWorker had been working hard on report, she would get her to phone and expalin what happened re not turning up on thursday.

SWkr came and she brought with her the report it is pretty big to be honest 9 pages worth.
It seems to cover everthing, i think. Image

She will return tomorrow to go over report and let me know when Ailn worker will visit us.

She let it slip, they are prepared to offer either 3 overnights a week or 2 overnights and 2 half days either mornings or afternoons. The AiLN worker will let me know in more detail.

I hope this is finally working out as 2 hours a night sleep since DEC 6th now feels very wearing. Image
I'll keep you posted hopefully this sorry saga will soon be DONE, well i hope so!
Hi Marie,

About time something started to go your way.Lets hope we can now see the light at the end of a very very long tunnel.
You deserve credit Marie in sticking it out this far,many would have gave up and fell by the way side,it happens so many times.
Hope it all works out for you and your hubby....still keep us posted.
x x x
hi marie i also am in Scotland and i have the scottish exec guidelines on direct payments. I had to get this because of problems i have had. I have found out a lot. Care goes on the persons needs not on cost, i only get 10hrs a week direct payments but SW was going to get 20hrs package 2hrs in morning 2hrs at night this did not suit i was told by the exec that if 20hrs had been assesed i should have been getting 20hrs direct payments instead of the 10hrs. Also if you are under 65 and are going to get over £200 a week in direct payments you should go for the ilf at the same time to top it up. My social worker keeps on about cost she shouldn't do that ether as its to do with needs. I have been struggling for a year so you can imagine i'm not very happy with social work who's job it is to help not do everything wrong. Also it should be taken into consideration about the condition and carers rights. All have been ignored in my case. This comes from the scottish exec.
we have finally got direct payments, been trying since december so I have cover for mum when not there also a nights sleep ould be nice. However dont know how they work it out as mum has to pay £57 and social services are paying £72.93 have we to take off national insurance or any tax for the employee if so there is not enough for mums assess needs which are 20hrs a week and one night. Does anybody know is it difficult to work out the wages.
Does anybody know is it difficult to work out the wages.
HI catwhit, Direct Payments mean that effectively your Mum (or you on her behalf) becomes an employer. It is a difficult process, Social services should give you help and support to manage the payment, although from your post it doesn't sound like that is happening.

This is a useful link - NCIL is an organisation who support disabled people and carers who manage their own care packages through Direct payments