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I have little knowledge of direct payments but friend of ours has been advised to apply for direct payments she has been told her husbands direct payment can be used to pay her for the care work she is doing for him 24/7 i informed her that as far as i knew she can only be paid by his direct payments if she did not live with him iam sure you cant pay someone who lives with the disabled person any way she knows me very well and i have explained iam not 100% sure so she is getting in touch with social work team .
This got me thinking of our beloved M/P`S who can employ their wives/ husbands or even children to work for them this payment could be worth tens of thousands per year and just this weekend it was stated that a spouse working for the M.P. helps the M.P`s work rate and is in fact a benefit so why cant carers pay their family members directly to care / work for them as i have said iam not clear on direct payments so please correct me if iam wrong.
We have applied for direct payments for our son, and will use an agency for day care, but due to diabetes needs, the only way we could have respite is for one of our other children to look after the eldest. (Otherwise we will be oncall). We want to go away for our Silver Wedding Anniversary in April,and are holding out for D.P. to be allowed for our daughter, who lives at the same address. Social Services are not very happy about it(they said our daughter could act as oncall, while we are away, but she said no, and I am delighted about that)

I don't know what the rules are, but due to other people on here letting me know, I have become aware that you can get DP's in certain circumstances, for a person in the same household.
Close family can be employed using DP's, as long as you don't live in the same house. If you live in the same house you can still be paid with a DP but only in exceptional circumstances. It needs thinking about as you do become that person's employer and it can change the nature of the relationship.

Our recent research showed carers were in favour of relaxing these rules and they were not worried about the possible repercutions of this. However when this was debated at the Summit this year people were a lot more cautious, than in the survey results.

See Choice or Chore research for more detail.
Yes, that's right you can!
In Scotland you need to prove exceptional circumstances now to employ a family member if they are resident or not! Image

The exceptional circs can be the person will not accept help from anyone else and the Carer needs the time off!
The goal post keep moving though, don't they! Image

marie x
Is it ok then for an M.P. to "employ" family members we know what some have got up to in the past it`s just a con re M.P`S
Just thought I would add a bit about bank accounts and direct payments/ILF,a word of warning really.

I sent a cheque last week to the agency for our sons care. Our current account is held at the same bank, and in a blank moment,(my brain had obviously got lost), I filled in a cheque from the wrong account, and now we have bank charges to add to everything else.

I will need to change either our personal account, or our son's account, so that doesn't happen again. I keep everything separately, so it should not have happened!
DP can be paid, in some cicumstances, to family members.

A manager in our SS lives in the next borough and he told me that his son receives a DP to employ a sibling who lives in the same house.

It isn't offered without requesting it, but it is possible.

pam r
Hi you can avoid issues with cheques etc. if you can go with an Agency who do everything for you as we do!

We use a Glasgow company who do it all and really well too!
As we have the same amount of care hours every week, everything runs automatically.
We do not have a seperate bank account everything is held in an account for us and administered by the company.

We email if there are any changes needed e.g. more hours to cover respite for holidays.

I'm glad we went this way as it's hassle free for us.

It's always worth asking what else is available as the first choice of our council was not this system it was another one where we needed to set up bank accounts and do time sheets.
Don't just accept the first choice! yet again, it pays to ask!!

marie x
Our problem is because our son needs 24/7 care and has been assessed because of Health & Safety rules as needing 2 workers there isn't enough money in the combined pot between ILF and Direct Payments to cover the hours he needs. It comes up at over £100 a week short.

Plus Social Work withdrew what help we were getting from their staff and switched us to this cheap agency (no choice, no discussion).

They send out people who have never done this sort of work before and have no training This week alone there will be 3 new workers. Sometimes we can have 13 or 14 different people coming into this house in a week.

Sometimes a worker won't turn up or turns up late and my husband or I (who are both disabled ourselves) has to act as and take the place of the 2nd worker.

Any time we complain to the social worker we are told to look at Direct Payments which are not suitable for the reasons explained - not enough money in the combined pot plus we have enoght to cope with without added hassle of trying to become a small business!!

We are then told some people dont have the intelligence to manage the DP - excuse me I have a BA Law with Distinction and my son has a BSc Honours degree (2:1) in Computter Games Technology - our level of intelligence has nothing to do with it!!

Whats the point of getting direct payments to employ the same agency that we are getting just now plus have the hassle of paperwork etc?

Maybe DP's work for some but in our area its just an excuse for social work departments to wash their hands of vulnerable people.

All the best

Direct Payments are a CHOICE - not a matter for intelligence or otherwise. Cheeky beggar!!