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Since I have been caring for my Mother who is wheelchair dependant. I am finding it very difficulty in getting her weighed in the community and the only place I could really take her is to a hospital ward as she would need to be hoisted. However they have refused because of insurance purposes and because my mother is not a patient.

I do not know the weight of her wheelchair as it is custom made for her, cause if i know then she could be weighed in her chair. Any ideas anyone.
Have you tried asking your GP?I presume your Mum needs to use a hoist to transfer,does she use a bath or a shower.If she uses a bath her weight could be calculated by displacement of water. Image
I can't really offer a solution my hubby has the same problem he can't weight bare so can't stand on conventional scales. When he was in the hospice they weighed him in the wheel chair then weighed the chair seperately. It can't be an isolated problem have you mentioned it to your GP?
There should be a Wheelchair Clinic in the area who assess her wheelchair needs and I think they can weigh people. Again ask your GP or Social Services who can find out.
Just recently, an OT arranged for the local equipment supplier to come to the house with portable weighing kit. It was just a couple of low metal ramps with some electronic gizmos. My caree cannot stand, but can still transfer between wheelchair and bed or armchair using a transfer board. They weighed the wheelchair on it's own, then with my caree in it. Watch out for operators and OT's who can't calculate, though! The result was in Kilograms, if you want to know the Stones and Pounds, google 'convert kilograms to stones', there are lots of conversion sites on the web.

This is after a few years now of diabetes nurses, GPs, and OTs failing to suggest how my caree might be weighed - all of them needed to know, but were unaware of this possibility. The only suggestion they could come up with, was to use the weighbridge at the builders merchants up the road.
Thanks everyone. I did ask my mother's GP, and the Social Worker, but they did not have a clue.

I think the best bet for me is to contact OT to see if they can help. Thanks all very much appreciated.
I agree the only thing we do in the spinal unit is weigh hubby in the wheelchair and take off the weight of the wheelchair. Somebody, where you obtained the wheelchair from in the first place, should be able to actually tell you the weight of the wheelchair on its own.
Then, your hospital won't be able to refuse, because your mum wouldn't need lifting out of it.
Contact whoever made the wheelchair (there should be stickers on it somewhere, usually the side of the arm with their details on). They will have a file with all the measurements and weights on and they should be able to tell you or her over the phone what the weight is.
Remember any modifications, extras etc - in our case, we could not know the weight of these, so had to weigh the chair.
The sorting office or a private courier would be able to do it,if you don't feel it would be too humiliating.My husband's guide dog was terrified of the vet,so only went when he had to,but he had to be weighed a couple of times a year.The local sorting office allowed my husband to have his dog weighed there,and they were always very pleasant.
Good luck.