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Did my best

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The awful phone call at 6am from the hospital saying you need to come your mother is non- responsive 4 hours later and all that time speaking on the phone too her sister my brother walks into her side room says "Hello mum" few mins later she's at peace .
(((HUGS))) Paul. I have lost my mum, and my dad, husband, and brother.
For the next few days your family will have a lot of paperwork to deal with. It can be overwhelming.
At this stage, get a large ring binder and put it all in there, with what MUST be done before the funeral first, things like registering the death and dealing with the funeral director. Leave anything that can possibly wait until after the funeral.
As you say, Mum is at peace, no more suffering.
Thank you its horrible feeling you know too well I rang the care people and burst into tears I'm very lucky my brother is good at doing the paperwork well take a few days to sort everything out so much to plan .
I'm glad I spent the last hours with her as I tend to have a rest at the weekend then go up again on Monday to speak to the doctors .
The hospital did so much for her everything was done scans blood tests etc even yesterday gave her pain killers so she was not in any pain I drank 4 pots of large tea .
I think she stopped eating and drinking it went downhill from there she lost so much weight in a very short space of time .
Never got any sleep last night just spent the night thinking of happy memories we all had before she took ill .
I had full on 3 weeks of care at home along with Care 4 times a day I'm glad I was there from the beginning to the end every hospital admissions we both went together we had a very close mother son relationship as I lived with her for most of my adult life.
Paul, it sounds like it was your mother's time. I'm glad you are able to focus on happy times you shared together.

There is a condolences thread for Paul here https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... 1707-30795

Her mental health had got worse over a period not been able to walk or use a toilet really upset her she told me and a mental health nurse she just wanted to die and had enough of being in and out of hospital.
Thank you I will have a read I looked at a few websites last night .
Sorry to read of your loss Paul, it sounds as though your mum passed very peacefully, you can not ask for more.
She keep telling me I was sacked as her carer trying to wind me up only to turn around and say you know I don't mean it she told everyone at hospital I was sacked I was laughing my head off each time .
On Friday the specialist said she was going to have a lumber puncture next week oh I've had one before and I can't wait for this one
The funniest thing she every said was when the needle was going into her arm the nurse said Sheila a little prick don't worry only for her too say I've had plenty of pricks before in the past not knowing the meaning .

No I can't ask for more it was very moving and nice for her too be sleeping with her little scarecrow she knitted years ago tucked under the blankets.
I'm sorry to hear this, please accept my condolences. You are amongst friends here who I am sure can all relate to your situation.