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pips and council tax

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I would like to thank carers uk for the help and advice thay gave me a little while ago.I have cared for my son who is 37 and has learning difficulties all his life. I took all of your advice reguarding my council tax and even though i kept hitting a brick wall with the council i stuck to your advice, low and behold after 3 months i won my case. Next came my sons change over from DLA to pips, i sat 5hrs on my own one evening took my time and worked through that 40 page form. I posted it the nexed day feeling glad to see the back of it but expecting to do battle with the powers that be at a later date. To my total amaizementi recieved a letter last week saying that it had all been accepted plus thay had increased the mobility part of the benefit. I still cannot beleive that there has not been a battle, this is the first time in his life i have not had to fight tooth and nail for him. A big thankyou carers uk, and please everyone dont give up i know how hard and frustrating it can be, i have had to fight for everything since i lost my husband 9yrs ago there is light at the end of the tunnel, :)
Brilliant. Well done.! 5hours of going through a 40 page form. You must have been exhausted.
Just out of curiousity, did they back date your Council Tax claim. I read recently of someone who had 7 years refunded, but wasn't sure if that was standard practice?
Yay Susan! !
You deserve to be pleased. Battles fought and won with information and tenacity.