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Have you got a question about health? - Carers UK Forum

Have you got a question about health?

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
In support of Carers Week, Bupa have provided experts who will be on hand to answer your questions.

Experts include:

[*]Dr Graham Stokes, a leading expert in person-centred care for people with dementia – ask Graham about caring for someone with dementia.

[*]Dr Mehmood Syed, a practising GP and member of the Royal College of General Practitioners - ask Mehmood any of your questions surrounding GPs and navigating the healthcare system.

[*]Steve Cook, a pharmacist – ask Steve any of your questions on medication management and the purpose and potential side effects of medicines.

[*]Lesley Tart, an expert in dementia care and also a carer in her personal life - ask Lesley about dementia care or managing caring.

Get your questions in by 5pm tomorrow (20 June ’12) and they will be answered on Thursday.

From what i see we as carers know just as much as the so called experts ....
do we put our questions here or somewhere else lucy?
do we put our questions here or somewhere else lucy?
Malc, just in case Lucy doesn't pop back in, there is a place to ask questions, open the link she gave and it says got to the bottom of the page where there is a place to ask questions.

I have already made my feelings known about Carewell as I think it is replicating info that is already available elsewhere and is not the best thing for Carers UK to get involved with. I did look at it when it was originally mentioned and felt that in a few places, it was..wait for it..stating the blooming obvious!

Sleep and good food and exercise yadda, yadda..

Anyhoo, having said my piece, if there is a resource available why not use it and see if it helps. Carers possibly do know all there is to know but we don't know until we ask. Not a lot of point in sitting in judgement without looking into it is there?

Forgot to add-I will be using the site to see how yours and others questions are answered Malc, I don't do comparisons but it's safe to say that a lot of us on here feel for you in your situation.
ladybird,i was going to ask what the figures were for diagnosis at 40,is there a link between lichen planus and az,if short term memory at an hour how far along are we,and does anybody have an opinion on the wife being scared of strangers re care and direct payments to back me with adult social care,thanks i did look at the link but opened up an old forum from feb
the dementia people are care home orientated,ie elder sufferers so i think i will leave it,plus i don't want to join another discussion board,i'm quite happy with this one,i'm quite concerned though that the lichen planus is getting worse and so is the az,interested to know the figures after talking to my mp about benefits not fitting because of my age(over 50 rule),if 1 hour memory span marks the beginning of the end or not,and most of all looking for an expert in early onset alzheimers who can explain to adult social care that the wife's fears are part of the disease and that me being the only person she will go out with or stay with or feel safe with is part and parcel of her symptoms and not a money making venture to wangle direct payments under the exceptional circumstances rule,so if lucy would like to ask the questions for me i would be grateful,i will then continue trying to get answers and backing off the az society,and await a response and hopefully some help of martin vickers mp,i wish i could take on the system alone but i need help on this one.
I'm not a soppy one by nature Malc but think that you have a silent army or carers right behind you. Maybe not going through the exact same thing but admiring how you cope.

What about sending a PM to Lucy as well then she definitely won't miss what you have said? I get what you mean about not joining another forum..sometimes forums, even great ones can be hard work if our time is limited and we are worn out.

I really hope your question gets addressed though, it is just as deserving as any other question on dementia. Best of luck with it.
thankyou ladybird,i appreciate your comments a lot,one of the wife's aunties took offense at my matter of fact approach to dealing with all of it once till another auntie had the walk a mile in my shoes conversation with her.
Hi Malc,

I can pass on a question for you if you like?

if you would lucy i would appreciate it,there's a limit to how many battles you can fight at once so i will stick to the 3,thanks,malc