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Diabetes-just a small question

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i am on a good diet but problem is dont eat at regular times like breaky , lunch, dinner , supper and over the years this caused me a problem and when at work as a night shift worker diet was all over the place ..have just made an appointment with practice nurse she is one of the best, to ask a few questions sbout my diagnoses and treatment.. levels 5-6 ....6-8 i want to know just what is going on either i`m mixed up or they are ..will soon find out
ooops just got the results from the retina photo`s cant remember the name of the disease got an opathy on the end all okay but they do say i should be checked every year...
retinopathy.I think that everyone with Diabetes is checked every year. You need to phone Diabetes UK helpline George, to find out whether you need to let your car insurance and DVLA know.
Drs did try to start my elder son on tablets when he was diagnosed, because we could not have respite care if he was on insulin, but he was very soon put on insulin.
Insulin is needed by the human body.
Type 1 Diabetes means that there is no insulin at all being produced and you have to inject artificially,it can't be taken orally because digestive enzymes in the mouth would destroy it.
Type 2 means that there is some insulin being produced,and I think that tablets stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin.
You probably need to eat more regularly,to help stop any deterioration in your eyes,and remember that whatever advice you are given, everyone's body reacts differently. Your blood sugars sound as though you are coping well with the Diabetes.Type 1 or Type 2 does not really matter what they call it, as long as your blood sugar is balancing out.
Good luck,we learn something new about it everyday.Life with any type of Diabetes is never boring!
My OH was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about two years ago. No symptoms, just the results from a routine blood test at the surgery. He was put on metformin but it made him violently sick, diorreah (sp) and stomach cramps. Tablets changed to glucophage 2 a day, then 4 a day but when he increased to 4 the previous side effects returned so reduced to 2 again. He has to take them at night to stop the sickness.

When he was in hospital last year they stopped the glucophage and said if he needed insulin during his operation it was on standby. He had his bloods checked four times every day for a week and they were "fine" according to the nurse. He was told to stay off the tablets as they didn`t think he was diabetic, but when we asked the diabetic nurse at the practice she got angry and told him to go back on the tablets.

Only type1 diabetics get a blood testing kit on the NHS here and bloods and retinopathy are done every year. Old nurse has retired and we have appointment with the new one in three weeks to start over again as all of the original side effects have returned during the last fortnight.

His optician also suggested he query the diagnosis as she didn`t think he was diabetic either.

The plot thickens.

Take care
Meg I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and was put on to 750mg of Metformin 3 times a day. The pain caused by the tablets was so bad that I collapsed and it was at first thought that I had had a heart attack - but it was a side effect of the Metformin. I then got changed to the slow release Metformin (now on one 500mg SR a day) and haven't had any problems since I switched to the slow release one. I get the impression that they didn't want to prescribe the SR one because it is slightly more expensive because when they were cutting me down to the 500mg ones the nurse told me that they didn't make the 500mg ones in slow release. I then said how I had been put in hospital with the other ones and then all of a sudden it was OK we'll put you on the SR ones then. I am hoping that when I go back I will be able to come off the tablets altogether.

Thank you Eun. You were my inspiration in questioning the original diagnosis to be honest.

I am sure a hospital and all its facilities are more likely to be getting accurate readings and lab results, and given that we have to work blind with no testing kit how ill the tablets make hubby feel must have some reflection. He was wishing himself dead the pain was so bad and he refused to go out for almost three months as so ill with the pain and needing to be near a loo all the time.....and the smell.....like dead rats, can`t be healthy.

Take care
Ooh..for a small question I have got a lot of answers! Image

As I mentioned elsewhere, I am type 2 and use a diabetes forum to get all the info I need (not the charity one because I don't agree with their dietary advice), numbers of diagnoses seem to be rising all the time but the info given out by supposed experts is patchy to say the least.

I agree that it is a condition where we are learning more all the time but do worry that our Diabetes services are well and truly stuck in the past with a stubborn refusal to change, they continue to give out advice that is years out of date and the refusal to provide test strips (even for a set period after diagnosis) for type 2's who wish to monitor their condition is appalling.

Regarding Metformin..nickname on the other forum is Metfartmin..says it all really. Image Whatever way it is taken whether Met or the SR version Glucophage, it is a useful medication but won't make that much difference without dietary changes too.

There just seems to be so much confusion and misinformation among Health Care Professionals themselves it is quite scary..there is an awful out of contradictory advice being given out..poor George isn't sure what he is and I know he isn't the only one to have this experience!

Just a thought if anyone is interested, there has been a lot of talk on the other forum about the test strips issue, the meters themselves are relatively cheap but wait until you try and buy the test strips for the aforesaid meters..EEK!!
There is a meter available on Amazon that a lot of the forum users have bought because the strips are cheap, I think it is £6 for 50, not absolutely sure. Apparently the meter is basic but good enough for fairly regular testing. If anyone is interested PM me and I will get the details and send it to you.

Thanks for all your answers everyone, I wasn't expecting a response like this!