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We had some really dreadful news yesterday. Two young friends aged 17 and 18, whom we regard as surrogate grandsons, came every weekend and holiday to earn some cash by helping with garden, chicken and horses chores and had been helping my hubby fit out the new chicken shed. Late Friday evening they had a car crash in which the younger was killed outright, the older lad sat with his best friend until the police and ambulance came. He had been knocked unconscious after the car went out of control, hit a tree and ended up in a ditch -the younger lad had been driving, neither had been drinking.
These were personable, polite, hardworking lads who had never been in any trouble - I just can't seem to get my mind around it. I can't imagine what the youngster's parents are feeling like (his father is in Afganistan). Both boys were with us a couple of days before this tragedy, the older one also on the morning of the crash. The younger boy was an only son - I keep thinking how I would feel if I lost my son or grandsons and it's almost unbearable - I just can't believe we'll never see him again - he was so happy and excited as he'd just had a trial for the County Rugby team and been accepted. He was also due to join the Royal Marines next year, following in his father's footsteps.
Mum at 93, confused part of the time, bedridden, blind, deaf, immobile says she wants to die
and this young lad gets taken when he had so much to live for.

Please pray for these lads and their families.
RIP to the young lad that has lost his life.

My thoughts are with their families and friends.
My sincere coldolances at this sad time
Words are not easy to find when tragedies like this happen.

Thinking of you all
x x x
There are no words to convey how sorry I am at reading this.
Thinking of you and sending sincere condolences.
So sorry to hear this my thoughts are with there parent's.
Deeply sorry to read this.
My sincere condolences .
I'll light a candle for you all Gem.

God Bless,
marie x
Hi Gem,
My sincere condolencies to you all, it is terrible when our friends, family and relatives are ripped from us so suddenly.
Thank you all for those kind words. Young Jack was cremated in a private family ceremony on Friday last and a memorial service held immediately after. Bill and I went - the church was packed, with people standing at the back. Lovely service which opened with a CD of Jack's favourite rock band and the Rugby anthem (he was a star player in the local town). This lad touched so many people from kiddies to old folk. Such a tragic loss.

I had a phone call from mum's care home at 9.10am today to say mum had deteriorated so I rang Bill at work to let him know. At 9.30a.m. I had another call to say she had passed away - the staff and Manager were with her and it was very peaceful. When Bill got home we went to the home to say goodbye to her - she looked as though she was just sleeping. We will have her cremated here and then take the ashes to Liverpool to scatter on her husband's grave - he died 48 years ago so they will be together at last.