Deprivation of Living Order

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Thanks Sally ... at least that's one bullet " Dodged " compared with some out there conned into paying " Additional " fees ?

Care at home ?

Thanks to BB asking me to dom me deerstalker ... POINTON ... now a section within the main CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare
thread ... for some receiving CHC / NHS CH out there ... a restrospective revelation ???
jenny lucas wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:01 pm
"I don't think that whether you are paying or not comes into being consulted (or certainly it shouldn't do).2

I agree it shouldn't - but sceptical as to whether SS etc might 'deliberately' shut one out so they can make 'cost cutting' decisions!!!!!!!
Absolutely can see this happening! Dad in a specialist nursing home that we are very happy with, and they prioritise Dad's care above SS nonsense! So I guess we are VERY lucky.