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Cheaper Generics.

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My mother had a savere adverse reaction to the medication she got from her GP.It was due to the fact a cheaper generic version was issued.Not the fault of the GP.Chemists are being told to use these cheaper alternatives.My Mother had a night of hell,couldnt catch her breath,terrible business.Now we went to 6 chemists before we got onw who would order her medication for her,the original one.Has anyone else had this problem?.
I collapsed and was rushed into hospital in an ambulance last Monday with a suspected heart attack and then they decided it was the medication that the doctor had put me on for my Type 2 Diabetes (it was Metformin). They have now put me on a different drug (Glucophage) and touch wood it seems to have worked so far - I really sympathise with your mother and hope she feels better soon.

we had a bad reaction with some meds my mum took she endid up in hospital the taplets were from poland and the doctor say it was the tablets Image Image
My MIL had this problem a while ago with one of her meds. Her GP has made sure her notes have this info included in case an other GP issues them. She also always uses the same pharmacy and they keep the information as well
Maxi, if the GP names the brand, then the pharmacy have to provide that and cannot provide a cheaper generic.

Hope your Mum recovers quickly, you must have both been very frightened.

I had a long chat with our GP.No,In Wales the government has insisted chemists use cheaper drugs.YES it WAS the cheaper one that caused the issue.

Wrong: Im afraid the generic had the VERY same name,only the packaging and colour of the tab was different.The chemist backed the GP and said this is happening over and over.
Small postscript18 friends on facebook know of similar cases.So this is not just a few cases.How many others I wonder?.I made one of my,these days,rare excurtions here,to highlight this matter,share,get feedback

I think its a matter worthy of consideration.For what its worth I submit it to you.
There is a difference between having an adverse reaction to a particular drug or group of drugs and having an adverse reaction to a drug which previously been prescribed with no problems, I understand that occasionally counterfeit drugs enter the supply chain, they and the packaging look virtually identical to the drug which they are replacing whether it is branded or generic so it is more likely a case of counterfeit drugs rather than generic prescribing where the drugs are manufactured under licence and have to meet rigourous standards. Anyone who knows that they have an adverse reaction to certain drugs can avoid further problems by ensuring that that all their records contain this information and if the reaction is sufficiently severe or life-threatening they can carry or wear a medical alert just as those on drugs which have life-threatening interactions with other drugs carry or wear an alert at all times.
I think that the point has been missed,juging by some reactions.

No,its not counterfeit.

My mother was on 10 mg Amlodipine.made by ALMUS.

No probs.

The Doctor as usuall prescribed 10 mg Amlodipine BUT Boots dispenced the Tabs made by BRISTOL.

Adverse reaction followed..

THen,upon re-issue they This time LLOyds issued Amlodipine 10mg made by accord.

VERY ADVERSE reaction.IM guided by my GP here.Its NOT a matter of anything else but BRANDS.

Im merely trying to inform others,see if anyone else has had the problem

The "Counterfeit" issue is one I raised with my GP and MP after reading it here,as It was not an idea Id considered and I was worried.

But yes,its BRANDS we are talking about and adverse reactions.

As the Gp said."Some people like Heinz Beans,Some like HP beans".Differing tastes.The body is the same,but we are talking serious reactions here.

Im focussed on my Mother,s health,wellbeing and getting to the root of this one.That is my focus.

Im sure counterfeit medication is around.But on this occasion,Its not that which is the problem.
Amlodipine tablets may contain different salts, amlodipine besilate, amlodipine maleate, and amlodipine mesilate, which are considered interchangeable so it might be worth checking whether these differ between the manufacturers or it may be that the two generics which caused adverse side-effects contained different non-active ingredients to the one which your mother can tolerate one or more of which caused your mother to have a reaction, for example, for those who cannot take aspirin it can be something as simple as tartrazine, a dye, which is present in some generics and not in others which causes an adverse reaction. You can also report suspected adverse drug reactions to the MHRA here:

http://www.mhra.gov.uk/Safetyinformatio ... /index.htm

I hope that you manage to solve the problem.