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One thing that I've found to be an issue with counselling is that you have to "shop around" for the right therapist, which can take a while to find - after all, mental illness is a condition where there are as many solutions as there are sufferers.

I must agree with the others though, exercise does tend to be a big help. I went through an incredibly tough patch of depression from November 2010 to January 2011 that saw me live my life by the minute as I fought the demon within who wanted me to end my life. I hung in there though and went out as often as I was able to in the cr@ppy weather and I just walked around the block which was a big pick me up.

Another factor that might help is listening to uplifting music because it releases endorphins (the same hormone you get from a bar of chocolate - but without the calories Image )

Definitely if you found counseling helpful see if you can someone else. I had a great therapist and then I moved and had to find someone new. Well, even though the second therapist was suppose to specialize in the area where I was having difficulty the therapist's advice was completely off the wall and inappropriate. I ended that p.d.q. But since then I've taken advantage of therapy at my local hospice, which I found very helpful.

Twice in my life I've gone through very rough periods and I'm a firm believer in antidepressants if the clouds keep coming back no matter what you do.

I think exercise is a good release as well, I have my two dogs to thank for getting me out of the house every day. It's hard to think of anything negative when I'm out with them. One is trying to eat anything she can fit in her mouth and sniff every blade of grass. The other one is racing ahead like he's on a mission. I love to look at how everything changes with the season and there is always something to distract me from me and my troubles.
my dogs are my salvation too
atm im finding reading a good way to distract myself from everything thats going on around me. Ive got myself focused on the Twilight books and have read twilight and new moon within 5 days, gna have to find something else to take my mind off everything coz dnt get the eclipse off my friend til 2moz. I fink a few harry potter books are in order for 2nite for defo Image
Try the true blood books thebookpeople.co.uk were doing a good offer on them.
Best of Luck