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I don't know how to explain, I was feeling fine one minute and the next just really depressed and feeling physically sick Image
any ideas anyone


Kat don't worry about it we all do it just try and think of something positive I know its hard on a miserable day like today but if you are in a good part of Cumbria just look outside oops its dark now isn't it. Well just think of someting good or put your favourite music on. Try and spend sometime on yourself this weekend.
All the best
We all get days like that sometimes, take Tony's advice, it's good.
Kat, not just me then - I feel like Im on an emotional roller coaster lately, nothing is forever - this too shall pass. Image
Go for a swim or a walk: well it works for me.
Exercise is good, as Excalibur said, and so is Tony's idea of listening to music, or you could try watching a favourite film if you have a DVD player?
thanx for the advice guys, i feel in a better mood today. Image
It was strange tho yesterday coz one minute i was fine then..........
I've been doing alot of reading lately. I've got a few jobs to do 2day that might take my mind off things Image
Glad you're feeling a bit better today, Kat.

Hope the advice is helpful, and I can vouch for it all. Exercise is wonderful. Jut walking the dog does it for me, even if the dog doesn't want to go.

When you do feel down, keep telling yourself it won't last forever.

Next time you start to feel down, make a little 'me time' and take care of yourself.

My advice is if you are having more down days than up days is to have a chat with your GP. Depression isn't a steady state, it comes in waves. I think that's why so many people wait ... and wait ... and wait some more before asking for help. Me included. Me especially.
Hi Stacey, I've already been in a really down state where i let everything get the better of me and well i think ul be able to guess what, Ive been under councelling the 1st lady was nice and was gettin sumwhere bt that ended with her then i got someone new and she wasn't very helpful and seemed to make things worse tellin me i should leave my dad on his own so i discharged myself from it. i could never leave my dad for anything