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Democracy and freedom? Discuss. - Carers UK Forum

Democracy and freedom? Discuss.

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What does democracy mean, what does freedom mean, in our current climate more and more organisations are limiting our right to say what we want, i do not mean that one has the right to insult individuals, but freedom to talk out about most subjects is a cause that many millions of people died for. We can no longer demonstrate outside parliament, they say that is because anti terroist reasons, but really it is the governments way of shutting up the rights of people.
Never be affraid to voice what you believe to be right, that is one thing that this country used to be admired for, but sadly now freedoms are being taken away from us.

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Now this could be a coincident but do you mean like locking threads?
Because I don't want to go down that road again after we were asked to stop trying to get the better of each other.
So yes we have the freedom to post what we want but I think we should stop before we get started on a long winded debate that will only get locked again.
Can we change the subject.?
Like the weather is nice today Ain't it.!
Dear Johnrj: I could not comment on anything else, it might get me into trouble, the weather is great today and they have found exotic birds in hyde park?

Hi Tony
Did you see any Parrots when you were in the park were they repeating themselves.
Well Tony nice to see you back posting that's the main thing.
I think if we were ever to meet each other we would get on well.
No hard feeling's Mate.
How's thing's in London these day's? used to spend a lot of time South of the river many years ago E18 Plumstead area.
Big Brother is watching you!!
Since we joined the European community a lot of the 'rights' we took for granted have disappeared, mainly lost by EU directives, which are good for other countries, but not for us Image
All we do is pour in money for very little return and the erosion of our freedoms.
And, as you have probably guessed, I am British not European!
Hello myrtle:I am english not british, i hate it when on forms there is no box for english, i just create a box, it annoys people but so what i am english, not european, my mum hated all that euro thing, and yes they did see parrots in the park it was on the radio.
I do not go to that part of london much, i am more near croydon that direction, not plumstead, i know people who live over there though, they seem to like it.Yes i think if we met we would get on and have a great laugh?

I've got a couple of American friends and I hate that 'Brits' nickname Image

I had a nasty experience with a parrot on a school trip but I don't want to talk about it Image
Check your pm's Paula... Image
Check your pm's Paula... Image
I have done lovey, check yours Image
Tony on all forms where the options list all but English I tick Other then fill in English