Hello I'm pretty new here and I'm desperately seeking as much advicce as you are able to give. I must apologise straightaway because I'm going to post a few questions in separate posts

I'm going to be the main care-giver for mum, who was taken into hospital three weeks ago suffering from confusion and paranoia. She had a urinary tract infection (treated with antibiotics) which doctors have said could be the cause of the confusion and paranoia, but they have also found widespread Small Vessel Disease, which they think could indicate dementia. As time passes, it seems that the doctors are focussing more and more on dementia as being the main cause (although they are still investigating possible infection and medication-induced liver problems).

The doctors have said that mum is very anxious and may need to take a small dose of medication to address this. Her memory is largely intact, but she is easily distracted by her fear of strangers and is unable to focus on any conversation when anyone else is around.

I basically wanted to know if anyone has experience of people with dementia being given medication for paranoia? I'm worried that this medication could harm her memory?