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since 1997 I/we have had just 4 weeks respite care via the M.O.D. 3 of those weeks were for my father but when he was in respite I was looking after my mother not a big problem , however upon his death in 2006 my mother had a 1 week respite care break during this break I redecorated the home , since 2006 I/we have been asking for respite care to give me the 24/7 carer some time ALONE the local authority informed us that they can provide respite care but at the full cost ... the M.O.D. care is free that's if the veteran has the right % level of disability allowance which my mother has ... I/we requested respite care about 8 months ago as we had been informed she could claim under the new convalescence arrangement's the reply received this week once again informs us that my mother can or may be able to receive respite care if her regular carer is ILL ..they even ask why the carer needs a break ....
in previous letters they claimed respite care was NOT for the carer but for the disabled veteran ... and to claim her breathing issues are not war related when it was during a bombing raid in London when she lost the use of one lung then due to her poor health she was unable even to have a biopsy to determine the state of the lung cancer in her so called good lung ....I have not had a single break alone since 2006 apart from the 12 days when I was in hospital the M.O.D. did not even respond to our request for her to be placed in respite care during my hospitalisation till I was home .... lions led by donkeys....
Is there any chance of getting the Dr on board to explain why you a s a carer need the respite break? Most GPs are sympathetic to needs ocarers- perhaps if you showed them the letter and explained how much you need the break to preserve sanity etc. Might be more persuasive than telling them about gettting the decorating done or other jobs you could do with the "spare " time.
Good post, George.
Strictly speaking, disability as a result of being blitzed whilst in civvy street probably doesn't count unless it was during a specific military posting/ combat zone.
However, my FIL ( a disabled FEPOW captured in the shambles and disgrace of Singapore and forced to work on the Burma railway) never had any problems getting his regular four weeks holiday break a year paid for by the MoD, we his carers were perfectly healthy, so the carers health was not ever an issue, and it is always worth pushing it up the line. Are they tightening up the criteria, without formal authorization, I wonder? Might be worth checking back to the original legislation, and even a letter to your MP - (and the British Legion ) to clarify what the legislation states as the statutory entitlement criteria would be very helpful, I'm sure.
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she was serving with the A.T.S. not a civilian .. wellington barracks birdcage walk London 1939-46 she was in her billet the night of the bombing having just been on duty for 20 hours on the anti aircraft heavy ack ack mixed battery her injuries were war related hence the 100% war disablement pension which "entitles " her to 4 weeks respite care per year ...my G.P. will write the letter at a cost of £40.. they have said as she can holiday with me she cant have the holiday break which is ok but as I have the chance of a 2 week stay with the F.F.L in August which will include some para drops I decided to arrange the trip over to France ON MY OWN but the request as you can see was turned down .. they will review the request if they get the letter ... my brother Stan is good friends with my M.P. IAN LAVERY so may have a word with him if this request is turned down...