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Delivery Of DLA Forms

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Hoping someone can advise me on what to do,my partners dla is comming due for renewal,we had the forms come through the post and filled them in and posted them back but we are told they have no record of these arriving and are not on their systems,they then posted another set of forms to us which we got the following day..filled those in and sent them back the following day..once again they are saying they have not received them..i have just posted the third set of forms off hopefully they will get these but my partners dla payments are running out in one months time what can i do if they say they have not recieved the third lot of forms..we are getting so worried incase the payments stop untill its all sorted out..in the 11 years my partner has been disabled ive never had this problem before
You could try sending it recorded or, better still, special delivery which guarantees next day delivery before 1.00 pm, that way you would be able to access an online receipt with a signature to prove that the form has been received. I have always sent forms back to the DWP recorded delivery without any problems but I recently sent an important document somewhere else which was received but no signature was obtained so I am not sure how reliable it is now, unfortunately special delivery costs even more.
Hi Barrie,

I agree with Parsifal here.

Do what I do with these things now. It's a bit costlier but send them either Recorded or Special Delivery. That way, you will have a receipt confirming they have received the DLA Form.

Reminds me, I filled in my CA application online and have a printout confirming when it was received, what time, etc. Going to call them today to find out how it is all going.

Do that though Barrie, OK?

Every single one of those forms sent from this household is either "signed for" (what recorded delivery is now called) or "special delivery" (what registered post is now called).

In addition, copies are taken and filed in a safe place.

This way if you ring up and are told that they have no record of the form arriving and can't find it, you can reply "That's no trouble, I'll just send you another copy of it" Image

The other thing is, if you've kept copies of the forms you filled in before, it can make filling in the renewal forms a lot quicker and easier.
You have had to fill in these forms three times and they have denied receiving them at least twice??!! Sounds like they are trying it on to me.
Having recently had to deal with the DBCU over their failure to pay my husband's AA into the bank since January, apparently he has been permanently resident in a care home since 20 January which is news to us Image , and subsequent failure to send him a decision notice relating to a supercession request which was granted, the third copy of the decision notice which was theoretically posted last week has yet to arrive, I am not in the least bit surprised.
Thank you for all your suggestions,this is an update:
Called them yesterday and at last they have received our forms all three lots of them!!! i always keep a copy of what i send off but its all that writing it takes me around 3 hours to fill in each lot of forms..i do have another question but will find another thread to post it on..many thanks for all that helped