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Delerium- Information please

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My 84 yr old Husband was admitted to hospital last Friday with very serious cellulitus infection. This is now much better with IV antibiotics. Christmas Eve & Christmas day he was suffering from delirium, this seemed to be gone for next two days, again this morning he was still ok, then pm when I went back to see him the delirium has returned. The doctors on rounds this morn said he was well enough to go to community hosp for rehab to get him walking a bit , obviously he seemed well at that time. When I see the doctors tomorrow morning I will tell them about delirium. I know high temperature, infection. too much oxygen, too much fluid can cause this problem but nursing staff say all well now with regard to these possibilities. What other things can trigger delirium, and does it come and go? Thanks for any advice/information
Hi Linda,
Care of the elderly isn't my specialty, I care for S and he has autism. I have read on here though that delirium can mask dementia. Being poorly can also sometimes trigger the start of dementia. Has hubby been assessed for this, if nothing else to rule it out. It's also worth insisting they retest his urine to double check he doesn't have a UTI.

Hi Linda, when my dad was in hospital, he was exactly the same, we thought at the time it was sleeping tablets they gave him, another time he had an awful sickness bug, and they gave him an anti sickness injection and exactly the same happened, of course the doctors denied it was anything to do
with the medication, but miracles when I got him home he improved no end. I have heard of this so many times I'm sure it was the medication, so hang in there, hopefully it's the same for your husband.
Best wishes
Lacey May
Hello Linda
Sadly my husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. He had dreadful delirium when in hospital after the last stroke. Horrible time. Yes it can mask dementia and UTIs can also. Thankfully it's not always the case. My husbands consultant explained if delirium is lasting longer than 6 weeks, alarm bells ring. Anti psychotics were prescribed. He still has to take them.
Hopefully it's very short term for your husband and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Take care of yourself
Thank you for your replies. Nursing staff still say no UTI or other infection & obs still ok. Today very little delirium but that was because Husband very sleepy both times I visited. He even had his eyes closed when I was trying to get him to eat a little, just opening his mouth when I asked him to!! One good thing was the doctor who reviewed him to see if he was fit to go to community hospital agreed with me that Husband wasn't well enough .I want him to stay where he is until a bit better. Doctor said If that tired tomorrow will investigate further. Noticed Husband is being given potassium tablets, is that for heart?