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Reduced hours / sabbatical

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hi everyone, I have requested a reduction in my working hours as my caring duties have increased substantially and I'm feeling worn out. At the moment I do 16 hrs and would like to drop to 12 and claim Carer's Allowance. My request was refused. I have no carer provision now to cover the 16 hrs. So I have no choice but to leave a job I love. My job is also my social life. I am 60 and will not receive my pension for another 6 years - I'm worried I may not get a job in future at my age. I'd like to keep a foot in the door and was thinking about asking for a 6 or 12 month sabbatical. Has anyone out there done anything similar? I'm also not sure if I have any Carer's rights in this matter? Thank you. Nanaval
Hi, I'm only referring to something that I've read on this forum written by someone who knows a lot, lot more than I do! But she talked about carers sometimes being 'disabled by association' and that employers of someone who cares for a disabled person need to treat the carer-employee 'as if' they were disabled - ie, no discrimination.

Even without that, do your employers realise that you will leave if you cannot reduce your working hours? Or do you think that 'secretely' they are hoping you WILL leave as that will be cheaper to them than getting rid of you in any other way (ie, if they would like you to leave to make way for someone younger!!!!) (I'm hoping not, obviously, but employers can be devious!)
You have exactly the same rights as a disabled oerson. Ring CUK helpline. Can't send you a PM?
I offered lots of alternatives and options - even job share but no joy. I know I do a good job and get lots of thank yous but I realise no one is irreplaceable. I am just a number lol.
The thought did cross my mind that it may be easier for my employer to force me out and just re- advertise my post. Is this constructive dismissal? We are always short staffed and when people leave they are not usually replaced. Staffing is down to the bare minimum right now with problems arising over holiday requests etc. I have 3 weeks holiday leave left. My notice is going in this week as I'm too stressed and exhausted to fight my corner.
Hope it doesn't cause my colleagues too much inconvenience now over the Christmas period but I can't carry on and my own health is suffering. I give in.
Thank you for your support.
Hi Valerie
Don't regard it as "giving in" or losing the battle. You are taking a positive step to stay in control. Once you have more time and space to reflect , you can regain your strength and consider alternatives for the future. It is the start of a new chapter.
Thank you for those wise words Henrietta. I feel much better now that I've made the decision. Mum is 93 and has Alzheimers. She lives at home with me and I love looking after her. I can spend quality time with her now without stressing about work. As you say, I'm now in control. Looking forward to handing in my notice now and enjoying a stress free Christmas. Thanks again for your positive comment - it helped enormously. :D