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Advice for employees

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I have been looking online for a advice for employees of direct payment but can't find anything for employees just the eomployers. I work as a personal assitant. I am employed by two employers separately and they receive direct payment to pay my wages. My first employment is fine, I receive time sheets to complete and I have a pay date each month.

My most recent second job is not. My employer does not always have timesheet for me to complete and sign. He has completed my time sheets himself on his computer. My wage was incorrect. It took a lot of persuasion for him to email me a pay slip.(Like getting blood out a stone). First telling me that he didn't get pay slips until they were posted out to his mothers address in another city. I asked him how did he now what to transfer into my account, he told me he gets the pay slips emailed. Even when he emailed me the payslip he still denied not adding enough hours, despite having it on his computer screen. It was sorted eventually.

In regards to a pay date he told me didn't know. Then told me it would be the Thursday or Friday. It wasn't in by end of Friday. On Monday I asked the other employees if they had been paid, they told me yes. He transferred my wages into my account 9pm Monday night. Shouldn't all employees be paid at the same date/time? Am I wrong to expect a pay date. I get correct time sheets and pay dates from my other employee who also uses direct payments.

I have emailed SPAEN and carer Scotland and they have both told me they only give advice to employers not employees. I have also phoned the admin centre that taxes the direct payments. It seems there is no support for carer who are employed through those receiving direct payment. I have never had these issues working for a care company. My current employer is very immature and likes to play games.
Hello Joanne

I am very sorry but we are unable to help or advise you. This is a forum for those caring for a relative or friend in an unpaid capacity and not for professional care workers.

I would suggest that you contact either your local Citizens Advice Bureau or ACAS for advice.

Forum Moderator
Just to say why not try contacting a union, such as Unison, which I believe is the trade union for professional carers. They will 'fight your corner' and be on your side, rather than on the employers' side.

Good luck, Jenny