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By-chance,meeting in the shopping mall,stocking-up on stuff these cold days,five carers,me and four fellow carers,just happend upon each other,an adhock,over-coffee,carers meeting then just occured.

we bemoaned,though with no great surprise,the fact britain failed to net the 2018 world cup.

we bemoaned the fact any weather seems to cripple the uk.

We then,somhow,got onto "Clutter".

One of my fellow carers said:
"My old gal (Caree) has the place chocker with stuff,dam ornaments,but she wont part with a thing,goes ape if i mention having a clearout".

Another carer in our group,said:"I drive my caree ape.I collect cds and look,ive now got over 3000 of em.Drives him nuts.But,its my one thing,I have nothing else".

Being Both a carer,and running a charity shop I offered two submissions to the discussion.

1.I offered to take all the stuff they wanted to donate,

2.Being,every day,sorting donated good,I recognise that lifetimes,whole life stories come into our shop in the shape of Bags,boxes of stuff,clothes,books,etc etc etc.

I have concluded whatever we clutter our lives with,ends-up,either:

On the tip.

In recycling,

re-sold at auction,on e-bay,car boot sale,or in a charity shop.

I feel its very clear,its so much baggage.

I feel liberated as I am now,these days,utterly minimalist and my caree is overjoyed too,i used to hoard too much.

If I buy somthing,it replaces another existing item.

I declutter at a pace.

It benefits charities too.

We wondered,does being either a carer or caree,make one a hoarder?.Over to you..
Interesting topic, Maxi.

I'm guilty of hoarding - well maybe hoarding isn't the right word. Let's use "collecting".
Mum is 87 and rarely if ever leaves the house. She looks forward to evenings when she can sit in her lounge chair and enjoy a good night's viewing, but is very particular (as I am) about what constitutes good viewing. So to give her those evening pleasures, I collect good movies, mini-series, documentaries, etc. and now have about 2,000 dvd's. Many of them she has watched 4 or 5 times and still enjoys them, so I couldn't toss them out.

I also keep things around that she's familiar with, even if they're of no great value or benefit - nick nacks she's had for too many years to count, past gifts that have special significance for her, furniture she has an attachment to, even crockery and cutlery that have memories. She'll often look at something and say "oh remember when I bought that, it was at such and such a shop and I remember I'd been looking for .... etc." It gives her pleasure, and when someone you love gets to be 87, that's the best gift you can give them.

Sure, they'll probably all go to charity shops or the tip when she's gone, although I suspect that's going to be a difficult letting-go process for me, but while they bring her joy or prompt pleasurable memories, they stay!
I'm steadily building up my CD collection and my caree is working on her library, but we have fairly regular clear outs and pass things onto a good cause. We've been through the whole collecting 'stuff' phase but when sorting through things we always come back to the same question: When I find this in a years time, will I be happy I kept it?

There are things we've kept for certain reasons and we're glad we've kept them. Other things we thought we'd keep holding onto but, when we really thought about it, didn't have much use for and wouldn't really miss. I think we've found a nice balance Image
Tony has always been a keen collector of DVD's and living in a very small flat here meant that something had to go. We bought a cd case and took all the DVD's out of their boxes and now store literally 100's in each case. They take up so little room and fit inside the sideboard. Result!

Back to the topic, Mum spent many years where she was practically only able to get out and about on very rare occasions in the wheelchair. She would therefore search through all the newspapers, catalogues for presents. This extended to collecting various bits and pieces, plates for the wall, dolls (god I hated those faces!), books...you name it, Mum collected it! In a way I think it did compensate for the fact that she couldn't go shopping and it was something that she could still do independently. She discovered the shopping channel just a couple of months or so before she passed away heaven knows what she would have bought if she had found that earlier!

When Mum passed away it was a nightmare to find homes for everything that she had collected over the years particularly as the home had been in the family for 100 years so you can imagine what was stored there!

The hospice benefited a great deal as did the local dogs home. Some things I passed on to Miss Daisey when she moved over to Spain with us and we made her little flat very cosy with Mum' bits and pieces etc. Finally, these things were given to a Alzheimer's charity here.

Plates, dolls and all the other things that were bought from the papers etc rarely keep their value and Mum must have spent thousands over the years.

Our flat is very minimal, but the garage still stores several things that I just can't get rid of.....who knows, one day!

we all collect,build-up.then we might cull,declutter,once in a while.i just see,in a way,these days.less relience on things,but i too,avidly collect my old films.Found "Rebecca" on dsvd for a quid in a charity shop today,great find.my caree and i do take busmens holidays visiting charity shops,to source movies you just cant find anywhere else.funny lot,are we not?.
We declutter every now and again. Hubby puts stuff in black bags and then unbeknown to him I take some of it out again and put it away for safe keeping. Image Image
now and again the old doll throws everything out that is useless.... and she is sick of me returning ......

Image Image Image
yep,we are all fair game for the declutter bucket.
We have a saying in our house when Gill gets the declutter bug.

"Keep moving, just in case"