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December conference Glasgow... - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

December conference Glasgow...

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
forgive me if i got this wrong, but i thought this was a thread about the december conference?
where else should i have posted?

and i am not , repeat not, being controversial here. it is a valid point to discuss thngs tunstall here , when they are to be such a big feature of said conference.

i only asked the questions that were on my mind about this..forgive me if i have caused annoyance or upset..most definately not my intention marie.

i am relatively new to posting on this site, so i apologise if i have stepped over some kind of mark or line,
..forgive me if i have caused annoyance or upset..most definately not my intention marie.
Colin, why would you think you had offended me - I don't understand where that has come from! Image
Misunderstanding maybe?
Either way you haven't offended me or crossed any line, everything is cool! Image

If it's in reference to my earlier post:
Incidently why was this thred being posted else where?
It's not that controversial surely!
That was only in respose to your other post,
having been told my last post here has been quoted on another site as being a response to an attack or attempt to ridicule me by the previous poster, i have visited said site and checked.
I wasn't offended at all! just curious why posts here, were quoted elsewhere - I didn't think there was that much of an issue on this thred! Image

Honestly, nothing more sinister was intended - I'm not a double agent - well not today anyway! LOL Image
I hope that clears things up! Image

marie x
im sorry for havin digressed from the main points by that particular post Marie, but i felt i had to reply to the person who copied it, but refuse to join such a site to post there.

i will explain fully: note that this is not my opinion.

the post was copied and used as an example of the previous poster, Excalibur, making a personal attack on another member..ie me. i felt strongly enough that i had to respond, and knew the person was obviously following or getting reports on the thread. he was talking utter rubbish of course...i dont think anyone here, myself especially, beleived i was "under attack" and had to say so. i just felt used and disgusted by this person twisting and using my posts for whatever sordid little scheme they are playing at.

apologies to anyone concerned if i upset them in any way.(except the person from this other site)

as it stands , however, i am left wondering if it is worthwhile attending the conference, as this technology has no use for me at all. i have asked myself..what else is there at the conference?learning for living?-i like many others, already have a job...pampering???
Yeah, I'm also fed up with all this pampering rubbish, pandering more like.Carers are not victims.
I spent this tuesday evening ski-ing with a great group of parent carers, siblings, and young people with disabilities. I don't want pampering, I want some more sporty fun like that.
apologies to anyone concerned if i upset them in any way.(except the person from this other site)

None needed, Colin. We're all adults here. More or less!!! Image Image
I'm also fed up with all this pampering rubbish
Sorry Guys! I'm not fed up of pampering!
I seldom get the time or the chance to have a massage or any therapy for that matter - too expensive for one thing and finding the time is another!! Image

I fully intend to finish off the conference with some form of relaxation and it's probably the first time this year!! Image
I know, I know, I should make more 'me time' but it's been so difficult this year, with so many pulls on any spare time at all! Image
I want some more sporty fun like that.
Rob, I can see where you're coming from and would have liked to let of some steam with something different too!

Maybe next year we could have a venue where there are other activities available? Image
I remeber going into Kelvin Hall for a visit and people were climbing 'the Wall'.

I'm not sure if that's still available but I think, if it were, Carers would like to try something like that!
You know how it is - people get a real buzz from trying & achieving new experiences! Image

I wanted to find out about a newer alarm which links directly to a mobile phone!
I'd find this helpful so maybe that's why I don't so much mind the Techy stuff at the conference, especially if you can see, touch & try!

I've an idea this new one, won't be a Tunstall though as it's not a rental it's a one off purchase!
From what I've saw so far, they seem to mostly punt monthly rental stuff. Image

marie x
Well, the conference went pretty well although it was cold...I mean freezing! Image
It was so cold that the speakers put their gloves back on. Image Image

I know there's a credit crunch but holy Moses! Image

The info and the Tunstall items were interesting.
I'm glad the rep made it clear at every turn, they are not for sole care only to help Carers with coping and give them a bit of a break where possible. Image

I liked this approach as I know others were concerned they were on the road to replacing the Carers!

marie x
I am a bit anxious, through experience about alarm systems.

When my neighbour came out of hospital after a stroke, I was first named on her system. She is 87 years old. I have been called several times. The last time, a couple of weeks ago, two messages were left on our home answerphone, as there was nobody here. I was at a friends, and my mobile wasn't working at that time.Ambulance Control then phoned my husbands mobile number(which we did not know they had), and they phoned him at least three times to ask him to check our neighbour, and he told them each time that he was not at home. I believed the system to be that at the point where they had no response from us, they would contact the next person on the list, or go out themselves. No way. My husband ended up phoning me,and when he got through and told me , I had to run home,instead of having the pampering morning I was intending to have, picturing my neighbour on the floor. In actual fact, her electric had tripped, and I could not get to the fuse box anyway as it is in a difficult place.

So for that, I missed out on a pampering hour,(and I love pampering, no two ways about it!) and I feel that we were taken advantage of. My neighbour has been the best in the worlld, but I am not her next of kin and I am not her Carer,and while I do not mind being called at night, as I am nearer than her relations, in the day, I have more than enough to do, and her NOK works in an office two minutes walk away.

I believed that if we were unavailable, that the next person on the list would be contacted. I am shocked at the system, and have already taken my husbands mobile number off the system. We were being used as two of the three numbers you have to have, and my neighbour was unaware of this.

I would be reluctant to be named on anyones system in future. Image

Incidentally, I phoned her NOK after this,and had to leave a message on her answerphone. I have not heard back from her yet,and I did want to discuss a couple of details with her.
I understand what you are saying!
I wouldn't want to be phoned out all the time!
Our alarms go to handsets not call centres and that way the right person get's the call! Image
I don't think I'd ever want to be linked to a call centre anyway. Image

marie x
Ask for a copy of the alarm centre's procedures. You should have one anyway if you're a named contact for someone. If they haven't followed their procedures, make a complaint.