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December conference Glasgow... - Carers UK Forum

December conference Glasgow...

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Hi Guys, has anyone received more info regarding this conference as I@m sure by this time last year I'd had some paperwork? Image

Cheers, Image
marie x
Hi guys, panic over!
I got the paperwork today! Image

marie x
When is it??
It's on Tuesday 2nd of December:

Programme looks interesting
  • meet & greet!
    Imelda Redmond
    Choices & Opportunities - speaker from Tunstall
    Q - time


    Information displays
    Tunstall - touch & try equipment
    Learning for living (Carers & Learning)

    Pamper sessions
    Art therapy
What do you think?

marie x
erm..you must be reading a different thing from me...all i see is an advert for this tunstall lot. with all the issues and goings on around caring at the moment..this is it?
Hi colin,

I'm quoting from the pretty, printed, program I was sent through the post! Image

Have you saw something different?

It does look as if it'll be interesting going by the program anyway! Image

Time will tell!

marie x
well yes, the printed programme is a pretty wee thing, but all i've seen is the programme. other than Tunstall telecare..what is there?ohh..a bit about getting ready to be good little carers and doing what the government wants..get ready to go back to work.hmm if we all went out to work - ----ohh my goodness, we need to organise respite care..who ya gonna call?tunstall!!...well..colour me cynical, but i expect more from an organisation which is supposed to speak for me.
Colin, while I agree there's too much Tunstall in the Scottish programme, they don't provide respite care - only equipment that can be used to reduce (but not replace) the need for human contact. Again, I have doubts about overreliance on gadgets but they do have their place and few people have any idea about those options available to them, or what they really mean.

I believe Marie has experience of some of this equipment and is perhaps less concerned than you or I because of this, and may therefore have very different views about the benefits/downside of Tunstall.
fair point charles..but whether it is care or equipment to make our carees able to reduce need for human contact..it is still about us leaving our carees and therefore being available for...??
As far as I'm concerned reducing the need for rushing around a bit means getting a much-needed break, not getting to work. If the level of care you provide is that intense, all it can be is about a bit of respite so you can unwind a bit - but some carers will almost certainly choose to work. Some carers treat work as their "sanity break".