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Your views on future of social care - Carers UK Forum

Your views on future of social care

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Carers UK is gathering the views of carers about the future of social care.

Why? Because the government has published its proposals for developing a National Care Service and funding options. Carers UK wants carers to be at the heart of the debate. As many of the posts on this forum testify, currently carers have to fill the gap on the shortfall in funding for social care with consequences for their health, finances and working lives and inadequate support for the person they care for.

We want evidence from carers about what they think a future care and support system should look like and how it should be funded. We will use this to lobby government and influence the debate.

The survey covers things how social care should be funded; whether Attendance Allowance should be redirected to local authority care budgets and introducing national eligibility criteria to end the postcode lottery.

Visit here to take part in the survey and we know your views.
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm= ... _2bA_3d_3d
Done. Its a bit confused about whether there is an aged 60 or 65 cut off point, otherwise it works OK. Might be useful to give people the discretion to include their overall family income in the box, as that will affect the answers too.
Thanks for the feedback.
I couldn't put in the ages for multiple carees.
Image There should be no post code lottery. The Government set the legislation and law of the land so the NHS, Social Care and Councils should automatically follow this guidance. Otherwise what’s the point of having laws in the first place? There are too many chiefs and Indians in the system who do not follow the laws of the land in the first place how can this be? Image

Attendance Allowance should not be redirected to LA's as they are only interested in saving money and the quality of care provided is subjected to cost cutting measures. My argument is leave AA alone, and let the cared for and carer decide how this money should be spent without another autocratic layer of administration. Why should unpaid carers have to go cap in hand to ask for money to provide extra incontinence pads !!!!!
Business of the House: House of Commons debates, 29 October 2009, 1:42 pm
the life of being a carer more tolerable than it is today. This does not mean replacing or sidelining the role of carers; the only way that the system we are talking about would work would be if we did a better job of helping people cope than we are doing today.
http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/? ... -29a.479.0

“If they take away CA and AA from individuals that means they control the money which means you have less control and choice.â€Â