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Debate on the Care and Support Green Paper - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Debate on the Care and Support Green Paper

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This is depressing me read all this, what they are thinking of doing, lost my mum last september and i was carering for her for like 12 years, i'm carering for my dad now. I like to see how they take care of all the needs and wants this job intails.
The Big Care Debate – two weeks to go
There is still time to have your say on crucial reforms

The Big Care Debate ends on the 13th of November - make sure you
don't leave it too late to have your say on the reform of adult
care and support in England.

Since July, the Big Care Debate team has been touring the
country, consulting the public and stakeholders on the reform
options in the Green Paper Shaping the Future of Care Together.

The document sets out a vision of a fair, affordable and easy to
understand National Care Service, and offers options on how it
could be organised and funded.

So far, the Big Care Debate has had well over 17,000 responses.

Public roadshows and stakeholder events have taken place all over
the country, and are continuing right up until the end of the Big
Care Debate.

Extra Big Care Debate roadshows will take place in Birmingham
this weekend, with more now confirmed in Crawley
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/crawley/], Milton Keynes
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/milton-keynes/], Greenhithe
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/gre ... bluewater/],
Reading [http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/reading/], Brighton
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/brighton/], Bognor Regis
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/bognor-regis/], Northampton
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/northampton/], Ashford
[http://careandsupport.direct.gov.uk/ashford/] and Basingstoke

Look out for further events in the south and south west, to be
announced next week. Check the consultation website at
[http://www.careandsupport.direct.gov.uk]for details, and keep an
eye out for the announcement of webchats with senior Department
of Health officials as well as new video content.

The website offers several ways of joining the debate. You can
send in your comments or put them on the Green Paper text itself.
You can also fill in the Big Care Questionnaire, or the shorter
leaflet-style version. The latter offers a glimpse of what you
may look like in the future via the Face of Care application.
There is also a range of materials for those who want to stage
their own event.

Don't miss this historic opportunity to play a part in these
crucial reforms. And, if you have already had your say, please
encourage friends, family and colleagues to do so.
62 posts