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Debate on the Care and Support Green Paper

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Page 104:
The way forward
Whatever the outcome of the consultation, we want to ensure that people receiving any of the relevant benefits at the time of reform would continue to receive an equivalent level of support and protection under a new and better care and support system.
Any changes to the care and support system in England that integrate some disability benefits funding would affect the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales, and Northern Ireland may also choose to adopt the new care and support system. We will work closely with all three devolved administrations to reach a shared view on how to ensure the best possible outcomes for all people in the UK.
That is going to be hilarious ... just watch Alex Salmond milk it for anything he can get. It'll be like the US v. Iran dialogue - sheer confusion. .... they will start to rattle nuclear submarine bases before they reach any form of agreement on benefits.
AGE CONCERN are fighting in the courts under age discriimination act they want an end to the compulsory reitirement age of 65 for some workers to be scrapped we have 1.3 million working beyond the age of 65 and about 75-000 each year forced to retire aged 65 as far as iam concerned if we had a decent pension scheme we all should retire at an earlier age .
The governments green paper on residential social care says that those over retirement age could pay by instalments or a lump sum or from your estate on death therefore if Age Concern are successful in the courts and the retirement age becomes fluid that is the public chose as and when they retire when would we have to start paying our instalments ??? for our residential social care funding if the government then decided on an age regardless of the retirement age that in itself would be disacriminatory under the age discrimination act i would assume .
Some time ago David Cameron wrote to me he said he wanted carers to have control of the monies they needed to care for their relatives he did not want the L.A. to control spending he said carers know what they need and they should be able to spend their funding as they see fit i presume he was talking about things like D.P. & I.B. but if the A.A. was removed and placed in the hands of L.A. Andy Burnham has indicated that we will then get some kind of carer system to replace the cash we have lost .
just give us the cash we know what we need .
Retirement age and pension age are two different things. I don’t see a problem with scraping the so called compulsory retirement age but having a fixed age for state pension.
The disability benefits and care and support systems have developed separately, and we know that they are not joined up well.
I read this bit and I just thought - well they are quite 'joined-up' when it comes to Local Authority Charging policies. Image If you have a benefit and want a social care service they'll make a charge against it! That's pretty joined-up to my mind Image
Having just got to pg.32 para 3 of the document Image I am a slow reader, One question could be Matt, if this is passed and it is a big if at what point would the above allowance be discontinued?

It's only a discussion document at this point. Nowhere near being a bill that could be passed. So who can tell? If govt want to pass laws they can do quickly if the political will is there (like with the Terrorism laws) but I would say we're a few years off abolition of AA - if at all. The whole nations question is complex, as discussed above, and there will a bitter hard fought battle with all the disabiltiy charities, none of them support this. I don;t think it's cut and dried.

Carers UK - we think this proposal is pointless, you are just shifting money around the system and for all their faults DLA and AA are actually quite efficiently targetted at the people who need the help.

Keep your thoughts coming people! Very useful and interesting discussion.
iam confused dotcom.
if age concern "WIN" and the compulsory retirement age of 65 is unlawful it follows that each individual will have the right to chose when they retire but at what age will we be allowed to claim the retirement pension .

if the government say to claim the state pension you must be 65 does that not then discriminate against someone who is 64 ?

on news it stated that the 1.3 million who have carried on working after age 65 80% of them claimed their state pension best of both worlds me thinks

if the green paper becomes law it may well ask us to pay for our residential social care services after retirement age and not when we stop working therefore if you do not retire and remain in work you will as well as income tax you will also be asked to pay for the social care tax
There will only be certain job's that you can retire at a later date we wont see many 60+ footballers or poll dancer's.

So it will depend on your job many job's are young people's job's we wont have 70 year old firemen or police or soldiers and such like.

If it's manual work the poor old sod's are going to be knacked by that age.

May be office workers or people with less manual work may want to carry on or perhaps get little part time jobs ie B&Q.

So let's not worry to much a Green paper it is what it is only thoughts by someone that's never done a hard days work who most probably went to public school then on to university and started work some where in his or her middle 20's.
Not like me and many other's left school at 15 on the Friday and started work on the Monday and then worked until a few years ago but when i had to give it up i went full time caring and still doing it now pass my retirement age with no for see able break for the future.

Let a proper person with knowledge of hard work decide when people are ready for retiring not a pen pusher.
John AKA knacked Fed up Hard up & F--cked up.
I don’t bet but I would give odds on that this green paper drags on for a bit leading to a long gap to a white paper then a long gap and then RIP and start again. In the meantime it seems to be having the effect of all care parties defending their corner and fighting over the pattern on the wall paper before even building the house. What we should be doing is demanding that all options are on the table for discussion and not just the very limited choice that is the government favourite.
Image I agree with the above completely, I suppose one could say at least we have a base line to begin with. Although I am sorry to say re AA my question still stands, at some point whichever party is in power even if it is shared, the question of funding will still rear its ugly head be it our side or theirs. The assumption that every one will have 20,30,000 even at death, I would suggest is at best misplaced.
It will be law before August 2010 reason the conservatives want to cut benefits and the labour party have given them the green light to cut and cut again re the elderly disabled and their carers.
Turning this green paper into a bill will be a big job George I cant see it getting to white paper stage till about jan 2010 at soonest. You can spend a day just sorting the wording of one section and thats before the MPs get their hands on it again.
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