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Glad it's not just me then! I have had debts for a while now but have managed [with a struggle] to keep my head above water, until now that is. Since my daughter turned 18 I have lost a lot of my benefits and am now down to £86 a week and I am also in the position of considering bankruptsy, I do feel guilty about this but then I do think because this is credit card related that for years now I have been paying them interest in spades so maybe I shouldn't feel so guilty.

Baillifs don't bother me, we don't have very many material goods anyhoo. No car, LCD Tv's and even my house is rented, the only thing that really gets to me is the way they constantly phone me hounding me for money I just don't have. MORE STRESS!!! Yes! Just what I need.

Contact National Debtline (website can be googled) open Sats a.m. have information pack, advisors and everything is also online.

Also Citizens Advice Bureau
Well said:
It takes a lot longer to get out of it than it does to get into it!
Actually I'm not really as grossly insensitive as I sometime sound! I used to be in bad debt, childcare costs, crazy interest rates on the mortgage, three credit cards etc, then I did indeed wake up to smell the coffee. Debt is horrible, and the only advice I can suggest is indeed not to get into it in the first place: yes, that means live within your means: switch off the central heating and the phone, cut up the credit cards, use cash only for transactions, buy from thrift shops and be incredibly mean. Most of the stuff we think we need to buy is cra*p anyway.
The basic human essentials for survival are food, water, shelter, heat, cigarettes, and booze: a bit of knowledge about the benefits system is useful, but all the rest we can do without at a pinch. Join me in my gipsy caravan in the Scottish woods, help me cash the giro, warm yourself at the pot-bellied wood-burning stove over a pint of home brewed hooch, and tuck into the rabbit and turnip pie whilst we figure out which horse will win the 2:45 at Chester on Saturday!
I'm with you with the rabbit pie and home made hooch...but I think I'll pass on the turnips Image
when i gave up work i had cash but it just vanished and not on fancy stuff just day to day living .
we had to sell our house to move into ground floor flat or else the social services had said they would have to look after stans care even if it meant goiung into a home what profit we made again just went not on holidays or owt like that .

as a carer i get £200 per month i have a private works pension which stops me from getting any other help even hough some of my pension has been invested to help me when i retire 10 years time.

every penny i get go`s out my mother has no assets but has a good income with pensions she has now got me out of debt i have no credit cards at all for the first time in years well ive got them but cut up.

hint/ dont ever cancel cards when you clear them off it sometimes affects your credit rating

george back from belgium
Do we need a credit rating?
Hi, have been through all this. Don't panic and start selling your belongings etc. Your local council has a debt advisor service. It is free, they will do you an income and expenditure statement and send it to all your Creditors. Do not sign up to any Debt managment company you see advertised. Only worry about what you can be jailed for, council tax, tv etc. Your priority is rent gas electric council tax and tv. Forget the rest. They are non priority debts. Change your bank account if your due the bank money. Hsbc, Rbs etc provides a basis bank account, you won't be able to do any online shopping or pay at checkout etc. Never enter into an agreement with a non priority debt. If your on benefits open a post office account. They cannot freeze this. You will receive many threating letters as the debt is passed from collection company to yet another company. Ignore them all. I cannot stress this enough *never enter an agreement with them* I have had them offer me 75% off or a £1 for 500 years just ignore them. They will threaten you with bankruptcy. If they pursue this thats good news all debts are written off. They very rarely do. As it helps you. regards
Very many thanks for this -