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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Anybody want to talk about debt, and how they are dealing with it???
I don't deal with it......I've reached the head in the sand stage.
I keep hoping I'll win the lottery...but I suppose it would help if I occasionally bought a ticket!
Seriously, though, its my biggest worry at the moment....I'm in the process of selling my beloved car ( known affectionately as the Tardis!) to help with the debts.
Don't get into debt in the first place, and if you do then cut up your credit cards and change your name and address. Sell your car, buy a second hand bike. Debt - it's an expensive and completely uneccessary habit. You can live perfectly nutritiously off stuff the supermarkets throw away (if you care what they think then tell your pals its the new Bulgarian diet and you wish to lose weight), make jam from hedgerow fruit, grow your own veg, and just dont buy anything. Charity shops are also brilliant. Be proud to be poor, recycle everything, and help to save the planet. Its actually quite good fun trying to live on next to nothing, and helps to stimulate your creativity. Remember the old Marxist adage
property is theft!
(cancel the internet package, you can get it all for free from the local library anyway)
its a bit of a no go subject, and is unavoidable, Caring won't make you wealthy!
Well excalibur that is really helpful so we also have to cancel the gas eltric water rates etc, and not buy school uniforms etc, if carers were not forced to live on the poverty line they would not be in debt they are in debt just for surviving not through extravigance, I personaly do grow veg etc, it would cost me more to travel to my local library than my internet connection costs, anybody that might have thought about posting on this thread is probably frightened off now, because you have just stated that it is there own fault and not there circumstances
I am up to my eyes in debt through no fault of mine or my wife,

When my wife became ill I was earning £25,000 year and she was working full time both living within our means. My wife lost her job but we were still ok. As her condition got worse I changed jobs so I would be home more, when I finally gave up work 7 years later to look after her full time I was earning £17,000 a year.
So yes I am in debt but not due to bad money management, it is due to my wife’s illness. And being unable to earn a living.
I am seriously considering bankruptcy as far as I am concerned I have nothing to feel ashamed about.

No Carer that has had to give up work to look after a loved one should be ashamed of being in debt.

Excalibur, what sort of fantasy land do you live in? debt for carers is a part of everyday life unless you are fortunate enough to have money behind you, carers suffer with money problems all the time, if carers dont have financial worries why are we all fighting for the increase in carers allowance, carers need a decent allowance to be able just to survive, i am so happy that you have no financial worries, you dont have to choose wheather to have a hot meal or put the heating on for a couple of hours, buy a new washing machine when yours is so old that is has finally given up the ghost, maybe you need to buy a new pair of shoes,you obviously live a completely worry free life, i am so happy for you, you are obviously a much better human being than myself, maybe you could go and work for the government as an advisor on how to cut carers allowance and save the government even more money.

As for eating the food that the supermarkets has thrown away, what a wonderful idea, i am so stupid i never thought of that, i told you that you were a better person than myself, i bow down to your vast superior knowledge, it must be great to feel so superior to everyone else.

Lets hope that you never encounter any problems, financially or anything else, then you may not be so smug in telling others that they need not worry about debt or actually get into debt in the first place.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tony Image Image Image
thank you tonyrhodes.....excalibur was wrong to assume that its all our own fault.
I lost my home through my husbands actions, which were not connected to his illness, just him! i have picked myself up, and after ten hard long years, now have a home again, but it has cost me dearly as at an age when I should have paid off my mortgage, I'm paying over £700 a month! I need the internet at home, when can 24-7's get to the library, especially when that library is 10 miles away!
And, I refuse to eat thrownaway food, you can still eat cheaply by buying what my daughter lovingly calls 'whoops stuff'! Just pick the right time to get to the supermarket, have a really big freezer, and an inventive mind...towards the end of the month, we have some weird meals Image
But its still hard work, and the incessant worry gets you down. but this place usually cheers me up Image
Excalibur - I am sure you meant well with your tips but you do come across as a bit smug - and how many elderly or disabled carers can ride a bike? Whilst I appreciate that you mean to be helpful, your tips are not suitable for everyone, and as Tony says, can make people feel bad about circumustances that have become beyond their control. For those of us who have had to deal with continual knockbacks, debt is a fact of life and although it is desirable to avoid it, it cant always be so. Wake up and smell the coffee - !

(And for those in need of help - I have found the CAB to be extremely helpful....)
Knowing Excalibur's tendencies towards dark humour, I think his last message was intended to be tongue in cheek...however, it was ill-advised given the difficulties so many carers have, and I would ask Excalibur to think twice about the possible impact of his posts in future.

Jojo, I've been working again for the last 7 years, but we ran up a lot of debt while my wife and I were both 24/7 carers for one disabled child and 3 disabled adults - and we're still not out of debt now. It takes a lot longer to get out of it than it does to get into it!