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Hi Everyone, hope you are all well today, the snow is still about here, and it looks like we have some more to come, hope you are free from it and are able to get out and about, but if you still have some snow still around, and if venturing out, do be carefull as it is still icy in places, take care, and will talk to you soon xx Love Maggie Image Image Image Image
Hi Image

No snow in Somerset. Just very cold. While out walking this morning, three elderly people told me I should wrap up. I dont think they were being rude ! I think my mum is wanting me to take her out in the wheelchair this afternoon though Image Ah well.... I wonder if they do a chair with built in heating, like an electric blanket. I expect someone will now post and tell me where to buy one. Folk here ever resourceful. Ever helpful.

Take care,

Robert Image
Robert, your wish is my command Image

Not 'electric', but how about one of these ?

http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keyw ... 5tbcp6cv_b
Snow gone here but quite cold.Might get some more tomorrow night.Yippee. Image Image
Michael, we look forward to more pics of Malice. Though we never see any of you playing in the snow Image

Susie, making a comment on this site is a bit like rubbing my magic lamp. Today you are the Genie ! Fleecey things are all very well but its a bit like sitting on a dead sheep, dont you think ? But fear not, a friend is knitting mum a giant size tea cosy - one leg will stick out from the spout hole, the other from the handle hole. I'm sure she'll get used to it. Its years since I have seen a tea cosy. Do they do a book called 'Eye Spy Tea-Cosies' ? I expect they do. I wonder how many points you would get to see an elderly woman wearing one while her exhausted son pushes her around Sainsburys ? 150 ? 200 ?

Robert Image
We still have snow hanging around very slippy in parts as well, and more forcast for thursday night Image
No snow in the New Forest, very cold, but dry cold. Roll on summer is all I can say. With two (metal) knee replacements that seem to attract the cold, I'm just doing a quick drive to the shops for essentials at the moment.
Its still lurking about here although its more like sheet ice than snow Image

The sky looks a little full like there could be some more waiting to come down
still snow around about 1/2 to 1" thick, This morning Its like a ice skaking rink here on the pavements and road ... We have forcast of snow later on tonight and early tomorrow morning.. Yes roll on summer.. Hate the winter months Image
Maggie, Love looking out at the snow, hate going out in it. break my neck on the
icy paths.
Wheres my cup of tea and toast this morning Maggie? Image Image