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Day Centres - how do they work ?

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I know this is a daft q , but I need to know.I never dreamed I'd be writing this but at long last , it looks like my aspie husband has agreed to attend a day centre - for Aspergers only.I have seen the place, it has no fees as such ( I think we go through social services to get a direct payment ? my hubs psychiatrist is behind him.) but I have to know if my hub will lose his incapacity benefit ? because if he does ,what do we live on? can anyone elaborate further ?
many thanks
Going to a day centre has no impact whatsoever on benefits.
Really ? I thought I read we had to make a contribution ? so glad he won't lose what he gets as,as you know,I have no job!!
As mentioned already, attendance should have no impact on Benefits. But you do need to check with the Day Centre on fees, if any, and what the admission process is exactly. If you need to be referred via Social Services then there is always the possibility of some charge being made but that depends upon financial circumstances. Yes you may qualify for some kind of Direct Payment to cover any charges. Best talk to Social Services / Adult Services to progress things. Pleased your husband has agreed. Well done !

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Ah, you asked if he would lose his IB which he will not but he may have to make a contribution to the cost of attending the day centre dependent on the outcome of a financial assessment and on whether the day centre is run by the NHS or your local authority. Where the service is run by the NHS, and I am not sure if many, if any, NHS trusts still provide specialist MH/LD, etc. day services, there is normally no charge, if it is run by the LA he will have to undergo a financial assessment to determine if and how much he should pay.
Thank you both ! no, he is not quite there yet in his decision but he is mulling it over which is a good sign Imageand the most positive thing he has thought about in an age .All information gladly received as it is all new to me.
Dad used to go to daycare three times a week, then cut it back to once a week when the costs became prohibitive. I used to use his daycare day to clean his house thoroughly, and I would love him to go back, a point under discussion with social workers at the moment.

The meal and transport there and back was almost a tenner a day and he still came home needing a dinner as portions were so tiny.

Good luck with gentle persuasion, and use your time wisely for you, don`t turn into a cleaning fairy as I have done.

Take care
As others have said, benefits will not be affected. Some Day Centres are run by local councils, some by charities and some by local clubs.

Most offer transport, a hot meal and company. Others offer baths, a hairdresser, footcare etc. Some do craft activities, gentles exercise, bingo or other games and just a chance to chat with other people.

Some are better than others I have to say. Some are very regimented and it makes their lives easier if they can get everyone doing the same thing but I personally believe there should be a choice in what people eat, where they want to sit and what activities they want to do. You may have guessed I have personal working experience of Day Centres. Image
Most Asbie centres I have seen are more like social clubs, with some structured and semi-structured activities provided, and the programme tends to be led by users themselves. Costs to users vary widely depending on the funding available.
Thanks all but hub appears to have had a rapid change of mind and now just wants to sleep on the sofa all day.It'll be up to the to the aspie psyche to see if he can broaden his vision and motivate him to do more with his life.It won't be an easy task. Image