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Our OT visit - Carers UK Forum

Our OT visit

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Ok so no bath aide-- we habve to buy it


She has amanged to get us lined up for grab rainls in the bath room, AND for the front door!!

AND i have to take amy tot he GP about the never going dry through the night.

she had so much paper work with her, sooo many notes on EVERYTHING, she has worked really hard and i noticed the number she had as her correspondenc number wasnt the hospital so shes been working from home for us.

She has gone all out, she has tried every which way she can and im really chuffed to bits,, its not often we have a worker that helps us in every way they can so i thought i would share with u all how nice it is and there is the odd professional who will do their best for us..

now im off to work out which bath step we want, and then save up for it.

she also double checked my DLA forms, and filled bits in for us, and checked my covering letter and everything. I have never had any one do this for us, i didnt ask her to so im very impressed, some one not actually looking out for amy but for me as well and its a lovely feeling!
As good as she was Rin, what was reason given wherein you were told to buy the bath aid.
Why was it not supplied by them? I am not being picky,just curious to know why it was not given when the other things were.
For anyone who needs to get special kit, keep these two possibilities in mind:

1 Our nearest Independent Living Centre keeps a list of second-hand equipment that people have for sale. Although supposedly interested organisations are regularly sent a copy, I only found this out by chance - and nobody responded to our ad. for a scooter we wanted to sell, so I guess not enough of the right people know about this.

2. Don't forget Ebay. Often it is specialist shops advertising there, but their prices may be better than your local high street or business park store.
Rosemary, something similar happened when my Dad needed a leg-lifter (stop sniggering at the back!) to help him get into the bath. The OTs no longer supply what are deemed 'small items', so although the bath lift was supplied, smaller things like that were not.
they have had so many cut backs, she said last yr she could have, this yer she cant , i have to keep the reciept though and she is going to try ot get it all or part paid for,,, she argued with the council for the grab rails but SS she said r pants and ive signed her letter of complaint..

If elt bad for her, i know hse has tried, shes even brough me catalouges round and said to look on ebay for these items,
the bed puddles she said the GP and school nurse are good ot get on board as 3 has more power than 1
thank u matty, i will read that 2moz as head not right at the mo,
thank u though
Image That sounds like an amazing OT! I don't know where you found her, but damn, she needs cloning me thinks Image