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David Cameron and 'that' quote - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

David Cameron and 'that' quote

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You are lucky all the special schools I have seen where I live are outdated, small little places, they certainly not getting much funds, by comparison many of the High Schools have had huge building works and more facilities than you can shake a stick at.
is sent him an email telling him to join CUK or one of his team, no point in being backward with comming forward hey
Nice one Rin x
dunno unless u try,, it would be handy to have a governemtn member on here , but then would i have to watch wot i say??? ooops may have been a bad move lol

nilla it does sound like u had a really good time, glad he was nice
in 1997 when "maggie" won the election her famous words "the nhs is safe in our hands" speech, well they sold the catering and cleaning to the highest bidder and look what happened. i was talking to a few people who have free bus pass,who are dreading the tories winning the next election as the free bus pass is going to be scapped. we live 14 miles from our local town (harrogate) and they rely on their pass to go out. i pay bus fare £6.20 return, they also dreading losing their pensioner credit, and winter fuel payment, i know of people in the nhs who are cleaners, ward helpers, who are paid just above minimum wage, if the tories go ahead with stopping the minimum wage they will lose out as well, life will be worse for us all unless you are well off, the tories love to help their own, they will do nothing for us cares just as before
Geoff the whole questions and answer session is on TV in October and he said they are not scrapping the minimum wage at all, free bus passes will still be issued and the NHS will be made better as he said we have the best NHS in the world and he will be forever grateful to it for the care they gave his son
Here's a story about God and the creation of the tory party.

God was creating man and his little assistant came up to him and said "god, look, we've got all these bodies left, they have no brains, no hearts and no vocal chords."
God looked at the pile of bodies, thought for few moments and said "F**k it!! Sew them up anyway, smack smiles on their faces and make them talk out of their arses"

and that's how the tory party were created. (story stolen from Brassed off)

Joking aside, I don't see what help the tories will offer us. If they are really going to make a difference to us they should have announced it alongside the disappointing Carers Strategy.
he did not say that carers were scroungers
well that's bleeding obvious isn't. Image

Why has cameron waited until now to say he's going to make a difference?
What is he going to offer?

As he's not told us what he's going to do I'm going to assume he's not thought of anything worth publishing, unless someone would be kind enough to prove otherwise. We're now 8 months away from a general election and I dont think he will have enough time from now to plan recognition for all carers.
1. Give him a chance he is very aware of what it is like to be a carer
So has Gordon Brown yet he has not been given the same chance that Cameron will get if he gets elected.
2. He has got to ba able to do better than the Blair Brown coalition
i dotn know why i just dont like mr brown,, i just like to not not like him, my mum thinks his lovely and has even met him. I think he looks like he needs a bath and i just dont like hoim, but then i didnt like blair, i didnt like john major and when i was lil maggie thatcher gave me nightmares..

it dotn mater who is in power, we get promises and they dont get seen through and when things go wrong its some one elses fault . politics is just a media game now days with spin docotrs always at the ready
Hear hear Pixie. I couldn't have said it better
I think a lot of the english don't like Brown purely because he is scottish.