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David Cameron and 'that' quote

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No Eun, it's because he didn't have the guts to consolidate his "appointment" by calling a General Election. He is in the job because a few hundred Labour MPs voted for him. So much for democracy - a few hundred have a say, but 63 million others don't!!

He's the PM , you aren't supposed to like him. Apparently he has one blind eye and the other is partially sighted, which makes him look a bit shifty on camera - not really his fault. Appearances aren't really that important. He might be Scottish, but then Mandelson is English, so there isn't much competition, is there? As for Cameron, of course he is English through and through with a name like that. Och Aye the Noo. Image

Whoever is in power is going to have to pay back all the trillions we now owe for propping up our banks... popularity doesn't really come into it, it is a poisoned chalice.
My problem with GORDON is simple he went along with the big lie re W.M.D. in Iraq
all politicians are liars or as they say economical wih the truth they dont have a decent bone in their body .
Hi Nilla. As Alex has already said, what did David Cameron say he would actually do for carers? When he says he will make sure carers are all right, that seems an empty promise to me (i.e. non-specific) to me. It appears a very vague thing to say.

My concern is that one can be charmed by politicians. Mark (prospective MP) is very charming and it would be easy to be swayed by him, but my approach is to look at the actions, and to judge them on their actions and the detail of what they are going to do.

I feel quite sorry for Gordon but I just don't trust him now . I don't think he's been very honest and once trust is lost etc.... I used to really like him though and I'm not Scottish so that didn't put me off!
I think a lot of the english don't like Brown purely because he is scottish.

i thought i would like him because he is,, and so r my family but as a PM i dont,his most proberly a lovely person at home.. its all the media it can warp how any one is, we only see wot the tv and papers want us to see
he does sound nice and forthright but as he has inherited wealth and his wife and family are wroth miliions so he can affrod a raft of paid carers anyttime day or night.

the interst on that lot can pay us lol
pixie wrote
when i was lil maggie thatcher gave me nightmares..
Not surprised rin, she gave adults nightmares to Image Image