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Dad’s care package has been cut- I can’t cope anymore - Carers UK Forum

Dad’s care package has been cut- I can’t cope anymore

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I’ve just heard today that the Council are cutting my dad’s care package by 14 hours a week -no explanation or anything. They didn’t even tell me when it would be in effect from. I called the council and they said they would make the changes in a weeks time. I’m suicidal - just don’t know know what to do. My dad needs care and what they are proposing is not enough. I tried to call Carers Uk but the helpline is only open for limited hours twice a week. The MP isn’t available until next Friday. I can’t cope I just wish I was dead it’s all to much . Just nowhere to turn.
Send the helpline an email. They should respond within 48 hours. It's more reliable than the phone.

What are your dad's needs? What are his ailments? Do you live with him? What was his caring package?
It's easier for other members here to offer advice with a little more knowledge.

In the meantime.... {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}
Faye - hi. Is your dad living in his own home still, with carers coming in to look after him? Do you live nearby, and do you go in and look after him as well as the carers.

Will the cut in care package mean you have to do more caring to make up for what they don't now?

My point is this - remember, not one of us, not one single one of us, has ANY legal 'duty of care' towards our parents (or anyone else except our young children!). No one can MAKE us care.

Now, most of us DO care, because we love our parents etc. BUT, and this is the big but, it's obvious that the council are cutting your dad's care package to save THEM money, and to make YOU do more care.

My advice is this - do NOT 'compensate' for the gap in care that reducing his care package will produce. Stand back. Do nothing. Tell the council you are withdrawing ALL care from your dad (including any you did before they cut the care package).

Observe the situation, and report it to his GP. And SS.

If you don't step in, and he DOES need the former level of care he was getting, they HAVE to supply it. Or take him into residential care.

But you have to play hardball with them. And you have to remind them that you have NO 'duty of care' towards him - and they cannot expect or assume you will lift a single solitary finger for him!
I am so sorry they are cutting the care..disgraceful..as if you have enough to deal with..take advice & stand your ground..they cannot just leave him surely?Makes my blood boil.If one of those people who make the decisions spent a week caring for a dementia patient they would change their minds.I hope you get some good news with this.
So sorry to hear this, my heart goes out to you, just don't give up and don't give in. Catch your breath. I've found the GP really helpful as well as the carer's support group/helpline in my area. Hang on in there, breath by breath if need be. You can do it! Whatever it is:)
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Thanks for this. Unfortunately my father had a heart attack shortly after the council decided to cut his care package. He's out of hospital now but his mobility and ability to complete tasks is further reduced. We've also had a break down in the relationship with the care agency provided by the Council (the carers were repeatedly cancelling, late, sometimes over three hours, taking every opportunity to do as little as possible and rude to my dad - lying with their feet on the sofa etc). We've appealed the decision to cut his hours (it's not even enough time to get him washed, dressed, fed and prompted to take medication- let alone anything more). I'm not holding out any hope of the council doing anything, nor does it seem that my MP can do much (just complains about govt cuts). I'm thoroughly depressed and fed up with this country (although I can't think of anywhere better!). We seem to treat the disabled, elderly and carers so badly - its such a horrible way to live. I'm glad some people have positive experiences - unfortunately at the moment all we see, to be getting is bad news. It's so depressing.
I was wondering how you are getting on?
Faye, I'm sorry to read that your father has had a heart attack. However, this means his needs have changed. The LA need to reassess his needs, which should help with getting the care hours reinstated and hopefully increased.
It sounds like care agency weren't fit for purpose and were adding to your stress. Did the LA choose them?

Thank you for asking about my dad. Everything has been a bit mad and completely exhausting to be honest.

I have lodged an appeal with the Council over their plans to cut his care package and we are meeting to discuss it in April.

Unfortunately in the meantime my fathers health has deteriorated further. He currently has an infection: I took him to A&E on Sunday night with a fever and confusion - they diagnosed him with an infection and discharged him at 3am with no medication; he then had to go to dialysis and was very unwell: bed bound/ unable to walk for two days; temperature, vey confused and bad cough. I phoned 111 on wednesday morning who sent a team of paramedics who told us to send him to dialysis as normal. He collapsed in dialysis and they sent him to a&e saying he had a high temperature, was unable to walk and was very confused. He has since been put on antibiotics but in my opinion remains unwell ( he called me at 4 and 7am this morning very confused, it took two nurses to put him on the commode) but the hospital want to discharge him tonight. I have told the hospital that the care arrangements in place at home are insufficient to safely meet his needs ( carers don't turn up, are late, dont know what they are doing - this weekend , for example, my father was crawling on the floor as he couldnt stand and the carer didn't even tell the agency let alone phone the doctor , one of his carers doesnt speak any english at all) yet no one seems to care. The hospital are insistent that they are going to discharge him and the social worker has said she is happy that he has care in place. i just cant cope - i will never forget seeing my dad crawling on the floor and no-one helping him. I feel completely distraught, alone and exhausted ( I went without sleep for nearly three days having to stay on his couch so I could help him get home from the hospital, go to the toilet and keep an eye on him). The thought of another week-end like this is just too much. He needs more care and carers who are actually able to do their job - none of the staff who are currently employed by the council to work with him have any experience of caring, no one has shown them what to do (the latest carer , for example, didnt even know that they have to cut food up for dad and watch him as he eats as he has problems swallowing following a stroke nor did they know they have to watch him and help him whilst he walks - although given he is hemiplegic you would think it is obvious).

I am very sorry for posting such a long and lengthy rant . its just so hard .