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Shocking revelation of disturbing twist to CHC funding - Carers UK Forum

Shocking revelation of disturbing twist to CHC funding

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I came across the following article that may confirm why people are disqualified from CHC funding.

Nurses paid £110,000 to strip dementia sufferers of their care funding: Latest disturbing twist in our probe into cutbacks hitting the elderly

https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/new ... nding.html
Thanks for posting. It is indeed disturbing. Haven't we seen examples of these tactics on our forum?

As Bowlingbun often says, carers and families are frequently being deprived of their legal rights. This is another serious example.
It is good to highlight this story though I would suggest it is not a new thing, its just that the media have only bothered to publish it now, also that this affects all persons in receipt of CHC, not just the elderly.

MDT's being incomplete is due to CHC itself acting like they are lord and master over who can come, in reality if you affirm your rights in this matter, such as putting forward a list of names (who you would speak to beforehand) and explain why they are important to caree, they tend to back down.. they like to use the excuse that those interested to attend will have trouble making it to the meeting - really its just like with social services, they don't like witnesses, or professionals who are actually prepared to back the caree/family.

It is wrong of the article to talk about money, its about how much care/help a person needs, sometimes it might be only a nominal amount, and other times not... putting the 1k per week figure is misleading to outsiders as to what CHC is about.

But yes, much of that is definitely going on its just a case of the rag being a decade behind reality because sick people being deprived something they should have doesn't make for good reading/sound bites.
The only solution to the postcode lottery problem is to have some sort of national assessment system.

Inspection of care homes was taken away from Councils and CSCI, later replaced by CQC was formed.
We need a similar assessment scheme for CHC.

Expecting the current system to work is a bit like a turkey voting for Christmas.
Little wonder when the bill could be over £1,000 per week per patient the CCCG is desperate for their assessors to say no. I expect if an assessor was independent, the results would be very different. I live in the New Forest, one of the highest percentages of elderly in the country, yet relatively few qualify for CHC.

A judge once said that almost everyone in a nursing home should qualify, so why are there lots of nursing homes in my area but few people qualifying for CHC?
Same as local authorities with social services (or lack of)

They apply their own interpretation of the national framework, means they can fiddle the assessments, less people qualify, all in the name of "efficiency savings".

Now that we're seeing individuals with palliative/chronic long term health needs actually failing to retain their CHC in a greater frequency than ever seen previously - to imply that they would somehow "recovered" to a point they shouldn't get it, its simply more difficult for them to hide what their doing.

Its akin to the DWP fiasco of asking amputee's if their limbs have grown back

Their not stupid and know exactly what they are doing. And the more it happens the more acceptable it becomes (not amongst us carers/caree's, but the "mob") as people de-sensitize to the barbaric way we as a society have treated those most in need. Complaints only appear to effect change on a case by case basis.. "lessons will be learnt" and all that old tosh.

Needless to say agree on all points