Pension Age Carers Now In Excess Of 2 Million

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Age UK ... report in today's Daily Telegraph : ... ity-warns/

More than two million pensioners caring for a relative, charity warns

The number of over-65s acting as a carer for a relative has topped two million for the first time, Age UK has warned.

The charity said that 2.29m people of retirement age in England provided care in the year 2015/16 - 16 per cent higher than the 1.83m who did the same five years earlier.

The figure suggests that more than one in five over-65s acted as a carer at some point during the year, and they provided 54m hours of unpaid care in England in 2016.

More than 400,000 of them were over 80, and this oldest age group provided 12.7m hours of care per week during the year, the research found.

The charity warned that the underfunding of the care system is forcing elderly people who may have health problems themselves to care for their relatives.

It said more than half of the over-65s who are providing care have a long-term illness or disability themselves, equivalent to more than a million people.

In some cases people in their 90s are providing care for partners of the same age, putting a strain on their health and leading them to fall ill.

Almost one in three carers feel lonely as they struggle to maintain relationships with friends while caring for a relative, the charity added.

Disturbing to say the very least ?

A pool of close to slave labour ?

What is the alternative for many ?

" Caring is a choice " ... time for that phrase to become a criminal offence if ever uttered ???

What of our supporting organisations ?

Keep 'em caring no matter what the cost ?

Our Lord Kitch must be smiling ?

That family card yet again ?

And , not a penny in compensation as CA would have stopped at the official retirement age.

2017 ... in all it's glory ... !!!
Could not agree more with all of your comments/observations. I am 77 and full time carer for my 78 year old husband. Strange how my state pension which I paid into for the whole of my working life - from the age of 16 - is now classed as a benefit!
It's to try and make us feel 'grateful'..........

But then, most welfare payouts are not benefits either - the clue is the term National INSURANCE.

We pay our PREMIUMS by way of NI, and therefore when we need to make a claim, just as with a private insurance policy (health, car, house, whatever), we are ENTITLED to the payout.

The only 'benefits' that are actually 'benefits' are those paid out to folk who have never paid in in the first place!

Again, it's all part of the mind-game 'con' that the government perpetrates on us, both to make us feel 'grateful' for their 'largesse', and then, conversely, to make us feel 'bad' about moaning about those who've never paid in being able to get their faces in the welfare trough and live off the state their entire lives (etc etc)
Why is the CA taken away at 65? I'd like to see this reclassified in some way. In fact, surely those over 65, deserve more, not less. Then it can be used to make life easier, to buy in domestic help, extra gadgets to save work. I bought a Magimix several years ago, really makes life so much easier, My arthritic hands can't grate carrots anymore, but the Magimix grater does over 1lb carrots in about 30 seconds. However, it cost about £400 and makes a lot of washing up. So it all goes in the dishwasher. But if you can't afford a dishwasher or Magimix you can't do cheaper meals. Call me an old cynic, but I think the government know that this elderly generation has been conditioned not to complain due to the war, rationing etc.